At Jenell's Skin, we pride ourselves in utilizing the latest in technology & products. In addition to our regular treatments, we are fortunate to offer advanced treatments which enhance and speed up results. Let our expertise guide you in choosing the right modality for YOU!

Complementary Service:

For all first time clients, receive a Skin Evaluation and a Mini Treatment.


Standard European facial

When trying to determine where to start with your Skin Care we strongly suggest starting with the basics. The Standard European Facial, which is our Signature Introductory treatment, is recommended for all first visits. It is AMAZING! This facial can be a stand alone service, or combined with other modalities such as Peels or targeted, luxury Masks. 


Signature patented Enzyme for all skin types from Aging to Acne.

Back Facial

All the care of the Standard Facial specific to the Back


Series recommended- Mimics muscle memory, refreshes and restores skin tone. Benefits are visible with one treatment (known to Celebrities as the Lunchtime Face Lift). It lifts, tones and brings skin back to life. A must for those over 40!

Dermal Infusion

Also known as a form of Dermal needling pioneered back in the 90's, this is excellent for the neck and chest (known areas that show signs of aging and difficult to treat). Much more gentle than the traditional needling and can be done more regularly, with little discomfort and downtime. Very good to stimulate wound repair. A specific home-care with added serums is encouraged to continue results, and to enhance restoration.

Facial Contouring

This is a unique technique developed to specifically treat the Facial Fascia. Fascia is a fibrous layer of the skin that when healthy is pliable, hydrated and a strong indicator of how well the skin is functioning and aging. Jenell is one of few who offer this treatment here in Sacramento. She utilizes Microcurrent in this treatment to further enhance the overall benefits ( refer to blog on Fascia for details).

Facial & Peel & “Ultimate skin fitness” (Skin Gym)

Hands down this is the most popular treatment combination. We select the peel best suited for your skin, add it to are Signature Facial and complete this treatment with the Ultrasound ( which is soothing ,healing and adds further penetration of high potency serums with an added shot of endorphins) This is truly our GO TO Facial combination!


Specialty Facials:

These Facials target specific skin conditions and are diverse by nature, giving you the opportunity to address & repair a particular need. With professional guidance (after an in depth evaluation ), we can help determine what direction and plan will offer optimal results.

Flourooxgyen Facial

This is Specific to Pigmentation; a series of six is required along with homecare. This is designed to brighten, lighten, and inhibit further pigment from migrating to the surface of the skin. Results vary according to compliance, homecare and proper use of Sunscreen and further sun exposure.

ModVellum Clinical

For those who are ultra specific about ingredients and want the purist, beyond-Organic. ModVellum works with All Skin Types, including those with compromised skin conditions such as Cancer or Rosacea.  This is our New Age Facial and includes what we call the INVISABLE (Porcelain) peel. Fantastic!


Originally for dehydrated Mature Skin, this Facial has rapidly climbed the charts for being one of our most popular. Its a short treatment with impact. Restores, refreshes, and re-balances.


Cancellation Policy

We require at least 24 hours notice for any cancellations. All appointments cancelled the day of will be accessed a service charge equivalent to the service to be provided. All evening and weekend appointments require a 48 hour notice.