Peel Info

At Jenell's skin we don't believe everything needs to be harsh or to create downtime. We do believe regular exfoliation, buffing, polishing, and peeling is vital and one of the best secret ingredients out there.  Some refer to this as ACIDS. We provide you with all the latest and most current information on how to properly and effectively do this.

All forms of peels start at $55 and go up.

We have several different types of Enzymes these are considered "Eaters" they break down build up in a very gentle way.

Glycolic, Lactic, AHA, ( better known as Alph hydroxy Acids ) Rentinol, Vitimin C's we have Chemical and we have physical peels one of the most innovative physical peel today is the Porcelean Peel using Dyatemacous earth and other proprietary ingredients.

We have plant based peels we have peels to just bring up heat and to promote circulatory benefits therefore feeding and providing nutrients to the skin. 

Please allow our expertise to give you your best options for a safe, gentle and most importantly effective peel.