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It’s a place to Stay inspired, feel supported, gain insight and perspective.

To glean and collaborate with other Esties to continue to honor and hone in on my craft and life.

Mission: to be a light in the treatment room and the World! To honor where you’re at with your biz and your life. To uplift and be a positive influence to other Esties  (No snarky comments or feedback that is not supportive.)  In joining the community, I will not compete or compare yet reach out to other for ideas, momentum and inspiration 

Each week we address a Salon, the week’s topic is kicked off on Mondays with a live Q & A, it will be recorded so you can view at your leisure.  Yet being able to participate live will give you a chance to ask your questions and offer your advice. We dive into the topic along with any coaching around the Salon, we end with a challenge for the week and a giveaway around the challenge. Must participate to win.


Salons Are:

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“U”-nicorn effect bring more of YOU, to your Biz!

Making A Connection.png

Make a connection- Spark joy in your biz -Client loyalty-endless referrals-ideal Clients

Leisurely Hustle.jpg

Leisurely Hussle- marketing with ease, Quarterly Plan-    stop chasing Clients

Up In Your Biz.png

Up in your Biz!- Education -YouTube- webinars, Classes/training

Do Your Thang.png

Do YOUR Thang!-Treatments and technology. How you WOW!

Being Scene.jpg

Being Scene! Your brand and how you’re communicating it.


My truth: "How you do business is how you do life! How you do life is how your do Biz "

Each Salon comes with a worksheet. The worksheets are designed to support topics within the Salon. It's amazing when we circle back around how the same worksheet and topic will bring up new stuff? My belief that anything worth doing must be duplicated over and over until it becomes a meaningful ritual. The membership is designed to hone in on our craft. Having the highest intention to serve our Clients.

All members will have access to a private Facebook group to have support, coaching, and inspiration along with collaboration among members and Jenell.

Each Salon has subtopics that will come up each week the Salon rolls around. So, after six weeks we get back in with new concepts, content, and challenges to spark joy in you and your biz.

Can’t wait to see you in the Hub!

Contact me at for more details


NOTE: Paid membership is NOT for individual Coaching, the weekly live calls are designed to introduce concepts, challenges and to answer questions in regards to the topic. Showing up live will give you opportunities for Coaching within the guidelines. Attending live is always going to give you the highest value!