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Simple Annual Marketing Checklist for Estheticians and Salon Owners!

by Jenell Garcia, Owner of Jenell’s Skin & Founder of Estie Connection and The Estie Hub a membership mastermind


Annual revolving marketing plan:

Revolving meaning that 4 times a year you are going to repeat a type of service /treatment that brings you your BIG money with least effort. Or just more of what you want to be doing in your practice! Ex. Microcurrent, that should be an ongoing treatment so I promote a series special a minimum of 3 times a year. . Start with 4 quarters ex below add the seasonal that are obvious TO YOU! Mine are the 4 Seasons, Christmas being my winter special, for you, it may be different stay true to YOU! Then go back and fill in. If stuck filling in, pick your top two treatments then add classes attending, trade shows anything that has energy that easily generates some momentum. FEELINGS DRIVE $$$ if you’re excited about it the clients will follow.

Also, consider all the other marketing platforms that you may want to promote. Some examples are memberships, Events, anything in your community that is big that other businesses in your area promote. Ex Festivals Fairs

TIP: Stay connected to your town, Clients love community and when they see you involved it's like a BIZ BOOST!

Once you have filled in go back and circle the ones you know will be DOABLE! You should limit the goals you set within each promo to get more done. It’s important to say NAILED IT! For your own momentum.

Stay connected to your values and what will LIGHT YOU UP! Some other simple fill-ins could be Celebrating when you started your business, so for ex. every May I run a champagne and cupcake special I buy mini bottles of champagne and provide cupcakes all month long for each appt. With something that I want to throw in or add-on.

Series are always encouraging. If you're in the business of skin and you're not selling a series a min of 4 times a year? Let’s chat!! I always run a promo around a new ingredient or product it's just fun!!

Once you have your plan then take each promo/theme and create some energy around it. Get out a separate sheet and write down each one, write out what it is and the benefit to the client and who and what you need to set in motion, your baby steps. BABY STEPS are to be clear small doable steps ex. call a VA to do an email graphic for promo, baby steps move the needle.

The key to the revolving is to not have to ALWAYS come up with something new! Take a promo and re-purpose it (especially in areas of your practice that you love ) Ex. I love Peel series so I do it at least 2 times a year and then piggyback it off of other seasonal offerings.

Prior to filling in the quarterly, it is VITAL to do a full year of calendaring to plug in classes, vacations, trade shows, conferences, Me time, and other festive and family occasions. Clients need to know that you are a person with a life outside of the treatment room (IT MAKES YOU MORE INTERESTING) It’s organizing your year to play to your edge.

Once you plug in the Calendaring and do the quarterly, step back see if there are HOLES or if you need to REMOVE anything REMEMBER IT NEEDS TO FEEL GOOD! Yet stretch yourself a little as well



January, February, March

Body Positivity


Gentle January

Positive messaging

Skin: Promote peels/hydration

Referral Program


July, August, September

Back to School



Tradeshow information


April, May, June



Summer starting


Skin: New products, new treatments, memberships


October, November, December



Luxury treatments (meaning no downtime)


Do the Highlighted Quarterly Tasks First, then fill in according to your calendar!


January - I call this month Gentle January give yourself time and space to hit refresh and reflect!

In January, you want to do a review, look back and assess HOW YOU DID? Numbers, goals etc see where you came out. Make sure you are in the process of promoting Valentine’s day. It comes up FAST!. I suggest a theme for the YEAR! Yes, a theme it allows for you to build your Calendaring for the year more easily TRY IT! In January be careful doing anything too big since you just came off a big promotion month in December.


Please keep in mind that direct mail is and should be back in your budget for any marketing that you are thinking about. Direct mail is back on trend, I suggest one per quarter. It's a great personal way to reach out to clients who are expecting the only contact to be through email or Social Media. SURPRISE THEM!!!

Number’s? One of my direct mail costs with postage is roughly $400, One package or Buy in, Just ONE will give me a return on the investment if not profit! (depending on what I Sell) EX. Microcurrent $1200 for 10. See how just a small investment can pay off?

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