Skin Club 2019

You only get one set of skin! Invest in it and be delighted!

Do You Love Regular Monthly Skin Care Spa Days?

We Do Too!
That’s Why We Created Our Skin Club!

Our Skin Club is the NO-BRAINER of our Business!

It’s a membership that literally pays for itself in just 3 visits. After that the rest are just savings and bonuses.

  • The Membership is $350 for the year with 10% discount off all retail products

  • It includes a Free Birthday Facial during your Birthday Month valued at $125

  • Then if you just add two months of the twelve monthly specials that you receive, it's PAID For!

The Skin Club is where you get personal guidance through the many services provided.

This is where we can cater to your every need, insuring that you stay on top of your skin. Remember you get savings, along with a new special every month. This is a great way to experience all the latest in new treatments and technology, all at a discount!

Skin Club is especially beneficial to that person who struggles to stay the course, forgets to set regular appointments, and needs just a little push to keep up with the demands placed on life and their skin.

Discounts provide that extra motivation to stay consistent, all with monthly email reminders of the upcoming special available to the member. 

 Add an ultrasonic treatment to any service for $100.  It's a terrific treatment for all skin types and ages. 

Yearly Membership only $350.