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Now is the time for women to lift each other up and become our own champions. Let’s celebrate being incredible at any age, challenge the status quo and go beyond expectations with sensuality and spirit, softness and strength...
— Unknown

With over two decades of hands-on experience I’m not just treating skin types, I treat the skin's current condition. Every skin tells a story! Not only do I want to honor your story, I want to assist you in navigating your personal skin care journey. Here at Jenell's Skin, we specialize in restoring your skin and your soul!  We speak and educate with integrity and experience; constantly staying current yet maintaining "Old World" time-tested treatments that create results. It’s really that simple -  blending Science and Spirit.

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I want you to celebrate your skin every time you look in the mirror.
— Jenell

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Jenell’s Skin offers a wide variety of treatments tailored to your specific needs. All first-time guests will receive a personal consultation outlining a treatment plan designed to give you the best results. At Jenell’s Skin you can trust in our honesty about treatments and results. 

Jewell's Skincare Menu
Jenell's Skincare Products

Skincare Products

We offer several lines of products we trust and use during our treatments. Jenell only offers products she has thoroughly researched, tested and has used herself. At Jenell’s Skin we will go over product options with you recommending the ones we know will give you the best results.


  • As a 25 yr client of Jenell’s, I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and conscientious skin care professional. Jenell’s treatments leave me feeling refreshed and re-energized. She always creates a plan to follow at home that is both cost effective and easy to follow.
    — Robin
  • I have lived in Sacramento for over 27 years. And have been to more than a dozen esthetician. And never felt satisfied with there services. Then I was told by several people about Jenell's Skin and more important Jenell Garcia. She was the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been a grateful client of her's for over a decade. I have never felt or looked better. Thanks to Jenell's expertise. At age 64 people tell me they can't believe I'm my age. I owe it all to Jenell for giving me the tools to take care of my skin and myself. THANK YOU JENELL
    — Loretta Smith
  • I’ve been a client of Jenell’s for over 12 years. She is amazing…always coming up with the latest and greatest in skin care. Love, love, love her facials and I couldn’t be happier with my permanent eye liner that I’ve had for nearly four years now. She is so knowledgeable about skin care and is always seeking out new procedures and products. I will be a client for life!
    — Valerie Jennings