Softening, plyability, more moisture, lymphatic drainage ( removing toxin ) so no puffiness or swelling All these and more can be achieved through Facial Contouring. Its nothing new yet when dealing with aging its the one area that society has missed the mark. Its FASCIA it the spidery sticky fibrus like layer of the skin that is finally taking center stage . at least by the Celebrity Fitness World. Ashley Black *( A big Celebrity Trainer) even created a Fascia Blaster just to treat this significant part of the body that has been so overlooked. Ck out her website to see some great graffics on what Fascia really is and how it works.

You see, Fascia is all over the body and is part of the fluid system. Providing a fluid flow of Hyaluronic, one of the most important fluid's that the body produces, it is also very different on the Face as to the body. Of course as we age the bodies productions of this slows down.

So, Facial Contouring addresses this wonderful thing we call Fascia we specificly treat the Fascia during one of the most relaxing treatments out there. Its a process of holding and releasing the Fascia that tends to stiffen and constricts, for a number of reasons. With this technique we can soften, remove toxins, produce a more plumb hydrated tissue and create a more graceful way to address aging. We are not only releasing the Fascia we are delivering a current at the same time to lift tone and re educate the muscle for a whole new approach to the aging process. Check out some of the photos below . I know for me the way I want to age is not just with fillers and going under the knife, yes again everything has to be done over and repeated. I want to feel good in the process of this thing we challenge called aging! I don't want to fight it tooth and nail with adverse effects inconsistent results and lots of money that may or may not give me the results im looking for.  There is a better way! Facial contouring is that very way.

Check out the Facial Contouring website for more details.

So, why treat Fascia? When Fascia is restricted and there are many ways in which it is! it inhibits Fibroblast from creating collegen you know that protein that gives are skin strength, resilience all the good stuff.