This month is all about Style,  STYLE what does that have to do with being an Esthetician? WELL, for one WHO do you want to attract as Clients? How you show up Matters, Spring is right around the corner and all things begin to change with the change of the Season.  Style is imperative to how we walk in the World.      Esties, most of us wear some form of uniform yet it takes a bit of effort to ensure we are sending the message of who we are, what it is we do and how we do it? I for one always wear an apron over my uniform and I realized that although it protects my uniform from all things product it just is not very attractive, I decided that my life was feeling a bit boring and thought it was time to reevaluate how I wear my uniform? 

       I ask myself how does this look to others? Say the Starbucks line? Would they just assume I was a Nurse or a Dental Hygienist? This very question inspired me to get a name tag that announced to the world my name and my profession, I chose Aging and Acne specialist. Then I looked at my standard Hairstyle? I always wore my Hair up or back, I recently moved my salon near a high school and I wear my hair down more now.  Because of the large windows and a cool new vibe, I'm hoping Teens will see we are an upbeat on-trend choice for them. I also updated my find from last year the Januue they tend to fade in color and started to look a bit worn.

       Now if you love clothes and you love dressing up, the uniform can be a bit stifling. So two days a week I wear black slacks and a blouse that I would deem professional, I'll place my apron on during treatment and wear my name tag as well. I always wear simple tasteful jewelry no big crazy hoops or statement pieces (I love big hoops and statement pieces) just not appropriate for the treatment room.

       Refresh and take note of your message in your clothes and in how you walk in the world. It matters not only for our Brand but in how you FEEL.  It's INTENTIONAL! Feeling powerful, competent, confident DRIVES a Different  VIBE.  IN BIZ FEELINGS DRIVE DOLLARS!

    Clients want to invest in those who take impeccable care of oneself! Your Style is YOU, it MATTERS! 

Have some fun revisiting how you are showing up! Love to hear!  There is a great book with active worksheets to really up your game with your BRAND. 

  I highly encourage you all to invest in this and to be evaluated quarterly the messages that you're sending out into the World. 

The book is Style & Substance  How to create a compelling Brand by Liz Dennery Sanders it a MUST read!

      Also for great input and detailed Instagramming, the book Capture your Style is AMAZING the details and her step by step she is the BOMB! Aimee Song

Dates to aid in creating some fun marketing

  Get in on the Gift Cert sales with these Fun dates:

 March 1 National Employee Appreciation Day                     3rd is Caregivers Day!                                                           6th Dentist Day!                                                                     8th International Working Woman's Day!

Some fun theme days:

 March 2, Old stuff day - have Clients bring in their old products and offer a discount or swap? Or just make a fun event on educating them on products. Give them a discount if they just bring their bag in! Marie Kondo craze will inspire them to purge,. 

     Mardi Gras- dates vary

     Spring stuff- plant a flower day 12th anything about blooming is fun! 

      Walk in the park 30th 

     March Madness

     Multiple personality day 5th, encourage clients to step out of the norm and try what they would never try!

     Smoke and Mirrors day 29th this could be another way to educate the Clientele on all the things they are exposed to in our industry that doesn't serve.

Books I'm enjoying:

                               "One Thing" by Gary Keller

                               How emotions are made

                               Emotion dictionary 

     Both these books have allowed me to be more intentional with my marketing content and to really tap into the FEEL of how I want to practice and promote with  Clients and future Clients. The books on Emotions are super helpful when discussing Mental Health and what it means to be Mentally healthy in a Modern world. We deal with so many personalities it's really fun to see how we can choose how we want to FEEL just by upping our vocabulary around emotions.

               Happy March Esties 


Here is a jump start to your February Marketing!

AH, it's a short month are you ready for any Marketing around this? I for one stopped doing Valentine a few years back it just kinda BORED ME! Now I love a Holiday and anyone that knows me knows I love a theme. SO I wanted to tap into more of my clientele as a whole. Some just don't have a Valentine in their lives but they do however need a dose of SELF LOVE at ALL times 

With that said I built a Whole month around self-care, I offered a new unique luxurious Facial that focus on relaxations and I created some urgency with some adorable self-care kits that were available to the first 15 who booked and paid for the treatment. 

   You see I'm a big advocate of self-care being a part of my biz as for myself and as a constant drive to connect and understand what my clients may need. It starts with me really listening to what it is that is missing or may be a challenge in their day to day life. Whether it be the single gal who rushes home every night forfeiting life outside of work to get home to her beloved dog. The widow who just lost her husband or the wife who is caring for a husband who is struggling with dementia. Maybe it's the young girl who took a promotion at a already demanding job to feel more value and to aid in the purchase of her new home. How about the gentleman who just needs to be touched in a safe, healthy environment cause he is single as well. The World is filled with all kinds of people who need us and need us to understand. Feb is Single Awareness Month it's on the 15th Yet we can really drive a great promotion around this.

Here are some other fun dates to spice up your level of marketing for Feb. Have Fun!

American Heart Association 

An Affair to remember - Oh this could be fun Have an affair with oneself, Yes all the reasons to indulge in our fabulous-ness.

Black History - Pigment and just letting your clientele that you treat skin of all color

Superbowl- I love this one, great way to tap into a larger Male clientele and gain some momentum through a big day or get the girls to rent out your space for a boycott the event with a Girls Super Bowl event

Chinese new year - Fortune cookies on the bed and insert a discount in the cookie yourself 

11th- Make a friend day- referrals referral referrals

15th- Single awareness day

17th- Random act of kindness day

20th- Love your pet day

Oscar night- Super fun to do a whole theme around, Pinterest this for clever ideas / ideas that can be used on all celeb events

Love, Jenell


Happy New Year! I'm so excited for a New Year and just new energy! I LOVE this time of year! I dub this month "GENTLE JANUARY" Instead of big resolutions I do lots of journaling and revisit old goals and reflect on all things with my life and biz!

During January, I find that it’s a good month to update and refresh my space and salon. I make an effort to  look at every aspect of the space and do some basic cleanup. First and foremost  de-clutter - this is vital to create new energy and to get rid of any energy blocks, it's like a cleanse for your SPIRIT & SPACE! Get rid of old samples, old products, get new towels etc.

Grab a friend or colleague to look at the space with a new set of eyes. Actually lay down on your treatment bed and look around, when you drive up to your Biz, look at the curb appeal? What is it saying? We focus so much on our treatment rooms that we forget how it might feel when we drive up to the building. Be sure and get a general feel for your space from the Clients view. Do some updating if need be, and bring in some positive messaging with upbeat quotes and fresh flowers. Create a new feel with subtle details, a great way to generate ideas around this is to visit other Businesses. Start with what draws you in, think and observe WHY? What is it about the space that you love?  Getting curious about a FEEL is so powerful for your own daily success in your Biz, Have fun with this and share in the FB group some of your discoveries!

   If you're looking for a way to gain insight and to collaborate with other Esties or to just hang out with me, I'm Live every Monday morning in The Estie Hub we kick off the membership Jan 7 at 8:30 I'll be there live for Salon no.1. Unicorn effect will get started with a fun challenge and a Favorite giveaway to kick off the New Year!

Book of the month January is a great month to start with little daily habits "The Compound effect" I love how this makes the little things we deem insignificant and make impact-full and significant. Anything that requires lil effort yet moves the needle for amazing results is my FAV! Check it out. The compound effect is where the weekly challenges come from in the HUB! Lil things with BIG impact! Join the Estie Hub!

Dates to consider for marketing: Jan comes and goes fast, so if your doing a valentines promo  start now, there are some other fun dates that shift the focus from the norm which makes for a creative twist to your marketing. it also adds  a bit of whimsy to your Marketing remember we all get stuck in our products/offerings put a lil FLARE in it and see what Happens? So, come hangout at the Hub.

Jan 4th trivia day - have some fun trivia questions and if they answer correctly get a discount or a freebie ( make it about product knowledge or services offered) great way to check and see if your messaging is working .

Jan 6 Cuddle up day- cuddle up with a facial or add some extra warmth to the treatment room( should do this in winter months anyway)

Jan  8 Bubble bath day- give away bath salts on the beds of each client that come in that day ( homemade version are easy)

Jan 24 Compliment Day-

Jan 25th Opposite day- encourage Clients to do the Opposite treatment at a discount

Jan 26 Spouse Day-  get those Spouses in your treatment room - get creative with this day to get them in or just sell a Gift Cert that day

Jan 28 Fun at work Day- Have fun with your staff! Don't forget we can have joy in our work environment, so make this a fun day for YOU!

Jan 31 Inspire your Heart with Art day- yes it's really a day host a paint night to just tap into something different with your clients. This was by far one of my most successful Biz events.

       As always get creative and stay inspired and check out the Hub if you want to collaborate with me weekly .

                 Happy 2019

                 Love, Jenell 

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From Seth 's Blog    A note from 2030

               “Twelve years from now, your future self is going to thank you for something you did today, for an asset you began to build, a habit you formed, a seed you planted.

               Even if you're not sure of where it will lead, today's the day to begin.”

     So we are less than 30 days til the New Year! It's a Fact that productivity declines along with just plain ole Slacking off during the Holiday Season. SO many distractions are energy is spread between planning and festivities, were busy trying to fit Clients in and were more depleted, Take notice and breathe its a perfect time to reflect and take a closer look at how 2018 REALLY went? For some, the numbers didn't quite get met? For others, the setbacks were in other areas like maybe your Health or Family, was business slow?  Some, well, are just SLAYING IT! And are gonna finish strong! Where ever you are? What was great in 2018? What do you think some of your biggest obstacles were for 2018? How can December be your big ending? 

   Well, one of my Mentors uses a term this time of year and its RIDE or DIE! What can you do in the next 30 days finish the year feeling like your ready to take on 2019? I'm not suggesting that you not Celebrate!  Self-care is and should be your primary Business Plan! Not just cause it’s what we do as Esties but it’s how we ROLL. Being Esties and I know all too well how wonderful it feels to take ten-days off during the Holidays to enjoy and to reset myself for the New Year! It’s Go time, so utilize the Holidays with this tip!

   TIP: Whatever you're promoting or discounting for the Season, TALK  like it was the biggest sale at your most favorite store in the whole wide world! It's seriously contagious.  FEELINGS DRIVE DOLLARS!!! I  Share with   EVERYONE THAT COME OR CALLS INTO YOUR SALON!    ASK, ASK, ASK,   1. Did they receive and do they know about your Specials? 2. IF they said YES then ask if they have any questions in regards to the Specials. 3. Make sure that you point out the one that is the best fit for them and explain that this is ONLY available during  DEC. 4. Follow up when you're rescheduling them with more questions,  Are they in need of a gifts? And which package or special are they treating themselves too? Make sure your paying attn. to what they're saying? Cater to there needs, offer payment on the bigger packages, free shipping, and delivery as well as last min Gift Cert purchases.

    Sit back and enjoy the season and make sure your space makes you smile and feel festive when you show up to serve! Energy always sells and is a game changer. So be sure and celebrate with each and every client during the season.

       Here’s to an Amazing Holiday Season and to a most inspiring passionate prosperous 2019 

Book recommendation “The Big Leap”- my two takeaways are his concept on time 1. WE ALL HAVE TIME FOR WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO US!  2. Upper limit belief how we all make the choice to what he references as Upper limit ourselves.