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Networking Tip Sheet 

                     Remember in a High Tech Internet based world along with the Social Media craze, Personal Connections and Face to Face Relationship oriented interactions are coming back, BIGTIME!

                     I’m not going go through a bunch of strategies around this, Networking has many facets and there are some great resources on Pinterest and My FAV Book: “Endless Referrals” by Bob Burg 

·       Most important is to show up and keep showing up with ONE intention. To make Connections! Showing up is practice! 

·       Show up with a 30 sec intro (Have more than one version) several would be ideal.

·       Have Biz cards and Brochures, Notepad (You should be making notes on anyone that you ASK for their info!)

·       Command the room- This is all about energy and it is created prior to you walking into an event. EX: you are there to have fun create energy around you and to be a light. Smile In Order to command the room- you need to be genuinely interested and curious about others.  Stay away from selling yourself. (they aren’t expecting it) Surprise them!

·       If you do make connections that feel good FB Private message and Friend them and stay engaged for the long Haul (Not just to have their info) 

·       I prefer a HAND-WRITTEN NOTE! This can be a challenge cause most info is email only. But it can happen if you are diligent. If no physical address at least email them within a day to thank them for their time and that you enjoyed meeting them and how can you help them with being specific on YOU REFERRING THEM! Ask great questions! 

·       Follow up is Key, don’t get lazy on this one. You should be there to meet as many people as you can and create energy around this one thing. People generate people, like attracts like.

·       There’s a lot on Ideal Client I say get out there and be YOU! That is the FASTEST way to get your ideal Client.

·       Confidence, Certainty, and Clarity are three areas to work on. Confidence comes from clarity.  Certainty is the strongest energy in the room. It says this is who I am, this is what I’m about! And this is what I’m up to in the world. 

·       Dress professional, be positive helpful and don’t forget to be personal, Yes it’s a business Event yet people can’t know, trust, or like you without some personal connections. If it’s all about gaining business you will show up in a unfavorable way. Most of all be sure and have FUN!

·       Have a shoe box with envelopes stamped with return addresses & notecards along with extra business cards. This is a great way to jump in your car and jot down pertinent info you gather from your connections. I keep one in my car with Gift Cert with pretty packaging (in case the organizations will let me donate) I also bring a pretty framed display with a piece of Fabric too in case they have a table for attendee to promote their biz. I also keep a variety of other marketing material JUST IN CASE!         

·       When all else fails and your nerves get the best of you stick with FORM This is a acronym to assist in engaging authentically -Family- Occupation- Recreation - Message ( what is important to them) All of these areas engage Peeps 


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