Success? Yet still a slow month?


    I've been blessed in this industry, I've shared on many an occasion how I feel and how this biz has been an amazing journey. My numbers have been great, and yet I still had a slow month? Actually, if truth be told I had a few slow months? I did what I've always done in the past when my numbers and my schedule made me nervous. I got intentional! Yes, I got really serious and I got on the phone and reached out to clients. I looked through my cancellation list and sent cards and I stepped back and did a bit of brainstorming around why it's slow? What's going on that I missed? Where are there holes in my systems? Have I gotten comfortable? Lazy? Stagnant? Have I added anything new? And so on and so forth. 

   After the brainstorming I get quiet and I reflect on what has ALWAYS worked, and what is going on in my life BOTH personally and professionally? You see they are not separate,  I'm just saying that in 25 years of being in skin care and being 55 years young, balance is no longer a goal as a biz owner. What I do know for sure is that I get side tracked, I get interrupted, I get off course, That’s when my biz shows signs of neglect. Calls get returned a day late, emails don't get written, cancellation follow-up goes by the wayside, orders get put off. I built a new Salon a few months back and I got a tad sidetracked with paint and artwork and projects and well you know? Once I stopped and looked around at my distractions and my not so full schedule I realized that I just needed to get back to my intentional way of doing biz and to my follow up system cause after all as a Mentor of mine says "Your fortune is in your follow-up"

               I know that to be GOSPEL! My books look great again, my numbers are looking good, my systems are back in actions and I’m feeling less disenchantment with my new beautiful space,  because biz is running smooth and it all goes back to intentions. It is a daily ritual that begins with my schedule and ends with great notes in each clients files, It is my beacon for the actions that need to take place to keep things running smoothly. I love the biz of skin! If your feeling a lil bit distracted or a lil bit disenchanted with your life and your biz. Check out the HUB! It's a great place to stay the course, gain some inspirations, and have a community of beautiful peeps to add a bit if creative energy.