What I Invested In!


Well, Oprah has her yearly favorites and this Estie does as well, It's so important to set ourselves up for Pleasure both in and out of the treatment room.

This past year I found some New Favorites, as well as some time, tested Oldies.  My hope is that they get ya thinking about more Joy and delight in your Life and Biz!

  1.  My First biggie was a New Office space in my home, Yes I did just build out a New Salon (for those of you who know me) but My Space at home is truly my source of daily inspiration, It is where I write, research, reset and renew my spirit. It is vital that we all create a Sacred Space in our Homes.

If you don't have a room? (I didn't for years) find a corner or closet, it's amazing what you can do with small spaces now (THINK TINY HOUSE) Seriously it can happen with the right intention. Set yourself up for success by creating a Sacred Space!


 2.  Along the same lines especially if you don't have a room of your own, invest in a beautiful Comfy chair! Is this chair not the most gorgeous Comfy thing! here is what I call the "Self Cuddler! " Yes it is in my new office yet it wouldn't be a special place without this chair, we need a restful haven for self-care. I journal, enjoy my afternoon cup of tea, make calls, rock my Grandson, this is comfort.


3. Flowers - more specific Bouq they deliver and its the most decadent weekly treat! I'm looking into Farmgirl as well, they look amazing! Fresh flower belongs both at home and in my Salon, it's just a given and the World is a more beautiful place because of flowers. It is such a gift, Trader Joes is a cheaper version but you got to go get them.

4.  An oldie but goodie just an upgraded version: Converse the slip on kind, they look great with my uniform and  I love the elastic back to just slip on and go  there comfy and sporty.  My favorite is white, I buy a new pair every year.


5. Young Living Essential oils- I know as an Estie we use these things daily in the treatment room but I joined this company for the monthly member to utilize more for self-care at home and to provide for Clients, they are like little spiritual gifts. My favorite is Grapefruit and Lemon.


6.  Another old school with a twist a phone receiver for my cell phone both for home and salon - I want to continue to be eliminating anything that puts out bad juju the continued use of the cell phone made me want to be safer for long phone calls - This is one of my favorites!


7.  Plutos- for those who have yet to try this upper scale form of fast and fresh their Seasonal Salads are my go to! It's hard enough to fit lunch in when I'm busy with clients,  calls and general Salon upkeep,  so much goodness in this Salad.  Plutos is this hidden gem.


8.  Ok so I love Butter and this past year I found this little ceramic dish that i guess is dated back in the old days from Europe It keeps butter fresh and soft. Who likes cold butter to spread, Laugh but get one and you'll thank me later, YOU WELCOME FYI I still believe Quality over quantity real butter is soooo much more satiating than a fake spread.


9.  In the treatment room- 3 new favorites the ENVI Towels- these large disposable towels are a must for any mask that mess up your white linens. Face Reality think Enzymn,  These are perfect for the hot towel cabi and they are soft and so big I can't live without -Available through California Skin Supply tell Kelly I sent ya. (NOT AN AFFILIATE) just love them. Rubber Spactula- talk about not wasting a ton of product that get lost in a mask brush. Love these.  MAD Peels- these peels can be layered and have been a great addition to my treatment room this past year.  Affordable and so user Friendly for ALL SKIN TYPES! Think customization with ease!


Peeps I invested in- Still working with Katrina Sawa a local Coach here in Sacramento she is the bomb check out all her free stuff.

Susan Hyatt- my latest GIRL CRUSH worked with her in a few programs and got certified by her.  BARE  its groundbreaking stuff on helping Women and girls with such amazing positive messaging, I wanted these extra tools for all my Clients and future young Women. Also, Lori Crete Beauty biz club is forever rockin' it She is the Beyonce of our Biz!


10. The Best for Last - BOOKS- I love all things biz and the Human Condition my top Fav for 2018 

      The Big Leap


      The Ultimate Sale Machine

     Self Coaching one on one

      Ouiet - for my introvert soon to be 16 year old 

      Anything Brene Brown 

    Books on my radar 

       The power of nice - 

      The art and Science of delay