Why Gather?

Don’t walk in front of me and be my leader, don’t walk behind me and be my follower, walk beside me and be my sister.
— Anonymous


One of the biggest decisions in your life is who you surround yourself with.

           Fact: If you average the health, wealth, happiness and overall well being of the five people you spend most of your time with , your most likely looking at yourself! Pretty amazing stuff? who ya hanging with?

           I heard an analogy the other day that made me think: You're going on a road trip and you're all set to go luggage packed you know your destination, it's a trip to learn about yourself and your business. Its time to choose who you want to go on this journey with you.   So do you choose

  1. A woman that is always complaining and fussing about how she never has enough money or time and is always struggling with how her business is going. She is critical of others who are succeeding in the business and is never happy.
  2. A woman is supportive, inspiring. She see the world as her oyster. She always has suggestions and ideas and is always willing to share and is just full of energy and joy because she loves life.

            I hope you choose B! Because that is what Estie Connection is ALL about! Your business should be inspiring you, and you should have support, collaboration, inspiration, and more!

             I started Estie Connections back in 2013 here in Sacramento to get my own little support group. As a veteran of over two decades, I wanted to surround myself with other Esties to learn and to continue to grow, both professionally and personally.

             I found that I was still hungry for the business and had plenty to share along with the knowledge that if I had goods to share than I surley could gleen from others in the business.

             Estie Connections is not about one person standing in front of the room and talking. It's about gathering and gleaning to grow and gain momentum in the business of skin. Come join other Esties atare next meetup it is May 22 check out all the details below and get in on the growth, connect with your tribe. We need you!