When things go wrong, and they do!


How does one stay positive and get back on track and not let experiences throw you off course?

Sunny Santa Barbara for a full week with the teen, dog, and Hubby. It's February. We had it all mapped out; time at the beach, time of year (not too cold yet), but will require a wetsuit. Figured it would still be on the chilly side.

Wrong! It was hot; unusually hot! Record-breaking hot! I didn't expect that! The clothes I packed were not suited for HOT! The dog is drooling HOT! The campground feels like it is just a cement slab, we can't even do a campfire it is so HOT! Did I tell ya I don't like HOT!? Well, a bottle of wine for starters helped. The campground pool appeased the teen. Yet I was fighting the desire to complain. I wanted to just relax, but I was just so uncomfortable and hot flashes didn't help.

So what was plan B? We needed to switch gears and it needed to happen fast! My Hubby suggested we ditch the campground - a very expensive suggestion cause we're not gonna get a refund, and go to the lake. Lake Cachuma was not far and it was lush green and much cooler! The dog had a huge open field to run and play in, the lake was low, but we were just miles from the cute little Dutch town of Solvang. We had an amazing plan B and we were able to recover well.

Things go wrong and when they do I feel like it is the Universe's way of "Calling ME" and more important, How am I answering?

Saying "In the end it's all ok, if it's not ok then it's not the end"

Do we react or do we choose to create? I for one almost always REACT first! ( Not a proud moment), yet it typically is my first reaction. Now with children, I recover pretty fast and start to create RAPIDLY! With creativity, it ends up changing the trajectory of EVERYTHING! It's like focusing on what CAN BE! It allows for a more fluid transition and it just FEELS right.

Reacting almost always makes me feel like I have no control and that there is only one way it will end, POORLY! I don't like reacting as an option. Creating is problem-solving, solution-oriented and feels POWERFUL! Quite simply it FEELS better to create. I think when things go wrong, if we just focus on feeling better first, we go on autopilot and start creating.

I mean if we all choose to make our emotional state a priority, I think the world would be just better! Now there are those days when it's just not gonna turn around real quick. Then, and only then, do I sorta need to surrender; Surrender to JUST BE. It also is a time to utilize information coming in so IT DOESN'T HAPPEN AGAIN! I heard a Mentor of mine mention it's a time to Collect Data. To see what it was that contributed to the "Not so good day?" Like did I get enough sleep, what did or didn't I eat? Was I unorganized so things went haywire? Or, did I not communicate what I needed?

So when things go wrong I also know that I need to just tend to some details to feel nurtured and to feed my soul just a little bit. To be just a little bit more gentle with myself and to ignore the need to beat myself up cause in the end, we will have another opportunity to answer the CALL! There will be another one of those NOT SO GOOD days!

So this is where, as Esties we can impact and provide lasting impressions on our Clients. It is another way to remind them of the support system they have in YOU! You want to encourage them to make themselves a priority and to nurture all that they need. It starts with you communicating all that you do to be a place to fill their cup and to tend to the details of their lives, starting with lifestyle choices. Facials, nutrition, self-care, ME time, etc. I would love to hear ways that you message to your Clientele, or how you nurture other areas outside of the skin?

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