Ultimate in Client Loyalty


My Client shared a sad sad story the other day and with the recent political let's just say STUFF! (I don't bring politics as a rule to my Skin Care practice) I felt it was a worthy share. She told me of a Nail Gal that she had been going to for over twenty years. She described the relationship and the fact that her loyalty had run so deep that she continued to do business with her even after she had moved out of town making her trip to get her nails done over 100-mile round trip. That is loyalty! Let's not mention traffic, gas, and such. For those of us that have been around for a while this type of loyalty is not unusual, In fact, it's common. We are so blessed in this industry to touch lives so profoundly. 

              Well, I wish this story had a happy ending. Now first let me say that we ALL have a voice and a right to how we believe and practice and we surely need to be honest about our politics, I'm an advocate for all who want to share their voice ( being kind, and to offer understanding to all) this Nail Gal started suttle in her thoughts and in sharing her beliefs, then it got a little bit bigger and it escalated to a point where racial slurs and prejudices began to be spoken in a more aggressive manner. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANY TYPE OF PREJUDICE! Well, one day it just crossed a line and she reference Hispanics in a derogatory way.  Now my Client who was her Client is half Japenese and half Vietnamese  her mother-in-law was born in the US and speaks fluent Janpanese, her heritage and culture run deep and she was hurt by this women's words. She made the decision to stop her visit every two weeks and to step left of this relationship. That my Esties is POWERFUL! My heart aches for those who don't see the power of their words. Yes we all have a voice and we should speak up ALWAYS. And Yes we should hold firm in our beliefs and we get to choose everyday whom we do business with. I'm not advocating that we put who we are aside for clients we attract like-minded clients. Yet at the end of the day I want to be accepting of all and to let my clients know that I hear them, I honor them, and that they matter! Not because they are paying my mortgage! Because I value them!

            I would love to hear your thoughts on how you speak your truth within your daily practice, and how you handle those who may offend others? How do we stay the course and stay in our own truth and still remain grateful, and good professionals within the service industry?

I know that after twenty years of service and friendship my heart would be heavy if I knew I had hurt another individual let alone a friend!

Love to hear your thoughts!