Self-Care as your Business plan


The beauty of life is activated when you turn a daily task into rituals that can empower your energy!

Self-Care is the "Fountain of Youth" the beauty of self-care is that it makes you a priority! By making self-care a daily task you set yourself up for mental clarity, energy, your more focused, creative, confident. You're able to implement ideas faster and with ease. As one of my mentors says "Your Power goes up and so does your income. She is living proof that less hustle more pleasure has made her rich! I have totally jumped on this Bus!!! How about you? Are you taking exceptional care of yourself? Is your health top of mind? Let's just imagine a woman who does, how does she plan her day? What's in her refrigerator? Does she have movement as part of her regular routine? How about rituals? Does she have any? What about boundaries? What would those look like? Remember she takes exquisite care of herself!

      I for one want to be more curious and fascinated by all the things some of my mentors are doing on a regular basis to mimic and see just what that might feel like. How does she dress? How are her work hours? and so on.....

    As we enter the New Year with all our plans and progress are we missing the critical link? Have you made Self-Care part of YOUR plan with your life and your BIZ? 

    I've created the Estie Hub to help us collaborate on this very thing, we can't just focus on biz we have to set ourselves up for success so we have energy clarity and creativity along with the confidence to see all are magnificence through! if we are not the priority it won't happen. Happy New Year! As your working your calendaring in and all your marketing be sure and put YOUR Self Care in!  TIP: Don't just schedule seminars and classes and Family vacations, Put in self-care days and fun days and reset days and adventures etc. It is critical to ensure we are caring for the golden goose! YOU are the golden goose! How can you make a living if you are tired, burned out or just feeling overwhelmed? Self-care is our business and we can model it for our clients, I'm constantly shocked at how many Esties I speak with that don't even get regular facials! If that's you? Start there!