Programs and Templates and Downloads OH MY!!


I love Melanie Duncan she has the most beautiful website and I love her themed Coaching program and she is so pretty and successful and all her stuff that comes through my inbox I just well she is THE BOMB! Now I only invested a little in her stuff and recently I got a freebie she sent out to aid in setting up for the Holiday Season. The marketing for this freebie was Amazing and oh so tempting. I downloaded to check it out and WOW! Something happened, I got SO many downloads and so many templates and so many pages of info and breakdowns it was INFORMATION overload, to say the least.

 Well, this got me thinking, every year for the past 18 years I've run the same promotion during the Holiday Season and every year I've consistently made 20 to 35 thousand dollars in just a few short weeks mind you, taking 10 days off from in Dec.  All while being a Solo Estie with no real employees, (subcontracted a few things out like printing and such) SO I needed to remind myself, WHY DO I NEED TO LOOK AT THIS INFORMATION? Well for one I DON'T HAVE AND KNOW IT ALL! So checking it out was very time consuming and she placed it in a format as a challenge for 7 days (to spread the content out so as NOT to overwhelm)  with stuff to fill in, so time wise it was a tad crazy, Some of it did give me future ideas yet the work involved was OFF THE HOOK! Do I really need this? I've got a simple system that for Esties or for me has worked? 

I know we have so much to pick and choose from, I would LOVE to keep it simple and clean and on point for those wanting to keep it REAL (meaning DOABLE) Not to say her stuff doesn't work! I've made a video and for those who sign up for my annual membership, it's your bonus FREE! It’s value is INVALUABLE the potential for YOUR biz to generate that kind of money NOTE: this is not internet sales money or new client money or even gift certificate money this is a proven system within your client base that I've generated this kinda of money EVERY Holiday Season. Check out the Hub for more of this kind of hands-on detailed with REAL connecting.