I just raised my prices!


Question! Are you still asking around within your network of fellow Esties " What do you charge?" I'm not asking if your just curious, I mean are you still running a collective Q on a Facebook group to see if its OK in your area to charge ???? I know I've been to several events and classes where price and rates come up in a discussion and there is always at least ONE Estie who says they won't pay that in my area. I get there are degrees of financial risk when it comes to pricing, we may lose some or one. We may feel a sense of nervousness with how clients will react? We ourselves go through levels of doubt?

      What IF? You charged what your heart desired? What if you were worth it? Who decides for you? Why are we still playing small with this area of our biz? I want MORE! And I want you to want more. Let's level the playing field and do some leveling up! I just raised my prices, it been too long ( mostly cause I wasn't paying attn.) I had a wedding to plan and a grandbaby coming and a Salon Build and I just looked at the last time I raised my prices it was 2014 that was just my facial rate. I have raised my prices on my membership and on peels and some of my specialty treatments, but it’s time and it’s never too late. I'm upping my game not just with continued education but with a collaboration of conferences and classes and equipment along with research and the continued love of all things skin. Who can decide for me what I'm worth?