How I found my new Dentist!


I just left a appt with my new Dentist and I’m am beyond THRILLED ! My old Dentist had retired, he was OK? Yet after several years with the Gentlemen that took over his practice I had to step left, I was not thrilled. You see as a biz owner I look and view other businesses,  often it has and continues to give me ideas and levels of how I want to practice. I will tell you that my gut for leaving proved to be a feeling that both my Daughter and other Family members confirmed. PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HOW WE DO BUSINESS!  In the meantime my old Asst.  had given me a neighborhood letter she felt was something I should look at as a form of future marketing. Now I LOVE marketing, so reading this letter was of interest to me.  Long story short this letter was simple and yet it SPOKE to me. I was so impressed that I carried this in my files for over two years before I finally called and booked an initial visit. Mind you this was out of my neighborhood and not really convenient YET this is the best form of MARKETING ( I've enclosed the letter)   As a whole, few businesses are reaching out by direct mail in such a real authentic way. I had such an amazing first visit and felt instantly connected to this Father-Daughter Practice that I have been shouting to the rooftops their accolades! They are my forever Dentists! Period. 

     So the letter got me in the door? Yet it was the time the  information the care and the honesty that sold me. It was the way they answered my questions and how they handled my objections. Dentistry is EXPENSIVE and for a self Employed Estie without Dental insurance this was HUGE! Options were offered, I was given relief with concerns.  In the end, their level of practice offered me a view into my own offerings and how I too can take a little more time to REALLY offer what will work for the individual not just a one cookie cutter way of doing things. I customize everything, yet in day to day practices it easy to rely on the GO TO! SUGGESTION: look, study, and take notice of all the ways other Businesses DO business! This is the BEST way to add or take away anything you are currently doing that isn't offering you the results you want in your BIZ! 

      I just moved into a new Space and have a whole new set of Neighbors, so I too am going to write my own letter following my Dentist. I'm going to share my Business and how and what i offer, my hope is that it will attract those who it SPEAKS too! It vital that we look at how other Business in our World are doing things and if it resonates with something that we love, then duplicate it!  After all, it is the best form of flattery.