Hey Esties, are you noticing?


A client just thanked me for a simple card that I sent congratulating her on her recent weight loss ( She lost a significant amount of weight). She then went on to say that I was the ONLY person... the ONLY person who made mention. WOW! I was shocked! I mean how can we not celebrate one another? That was my first thought. How can her Friends and Family Members not have said something?

I thought about this after she left and I have to say it made me so very sad. AS WOMEN we owe it to every woman we come in contact with to remind her of her beauty; ESPECIALLY US ESTIES! I thought how simple it was to send out this card, and for her to get joy from it. Yet it made me wonder why it is that we don't say something about a new Hair Cut, or a beautiful outfit, or just acknowledge someone whatever it is. Here's the thing, WE NOTICE! Don't even say you don't! Women don't miss a beat when it comes to beautiful things! We don't miss a beat when a Woman looks amazing or is doing something that excites us. WE NOTICE!

Sometimes, and I do this myself, we get disappointed that we are not succeeding in areas of our life. But that doesn't mean I don't celebrate and want to acknowledge all those around me who are showing up for themselves. Is it hard to talk about others success because it forces us to look at why we are not doing what we really want to do?

It's like we easily focus on others faults and shortcomings cause who really wants to be reminded of the stuff we're not achieving? I mean HELL YES! I do this all the time to my husband. I think that if he would just have a healthy meal prepared when I get home from work that I won't have a weight problem? REALLY! I know better, yet some of that seems real to me, especially when I focus on him not cooking instead of me managing myself and what I truly want.

Ok, I digressed. Let's look at the simplicity of noticing. As Esties we work so hard to make sure others (clients) feel fabulous. I mean, that is our job! So are we forgetting how important and simple it is to NOTICE all the little things and ( HINT) the big even more like job changes, anniversaries, life changes, goals achieved, weight loss, trips being taken? Check out my 3-fer video for a rewarding way to make a difference and to ensure client Loyalty. It has become my favorite part of my week and the most authentic. I call it my "warm fuzzy" for the week. It will amaze you!

Esties start NOTICING! Start saying something. Start sending messages of celebration every day! Game changers!!! http://www.jenellgarcia.com/blog/