Fine? Good? We can do better!


Two books that I was recently introduced to, that have me paying a lot more attention to how I feel and how I can be intentional with my emotions. If you were to ask me several months past if we choose how we feel? I would have gone into a lengthy segment of " Well that depends" I no longer believe that. I do believe that we were taught how to FEEL about certain things by our culture, parents, teachers, etc. they all have shaped certain beliefs. As far as a subject all together I do think that the Education system does NOT, however, teach emotions outside of - Tom is sad Tom is mad! She is happy

"The Dictionary of Emotions" by Patrick Michael Ryan along with "How Emotions Are Made" by Lisa Feldman Barrett

I do however believe that life in itself is a 50/50 GIG! We are not meant to be happy ALL THE TIME! How would we know happy without knowing sad? I ask you if you took the general populations and ask them " How are you? Most would answer FINE! Or if they were a Colleague they might say busy! But MOST say fine! I say what level of fine are we? You see as I'm looking into all the different emotions available to us (DICTIONARY) there are truly a plethora of emotions other than and much more interesting than FINE!

So what of all this? Well as a business owner who wants to make meaning out of each transaction and connection! I want to FEEL on purpose, I want to use words and emotions to fuel my daily actions along with my interactions. Using emotions in my content for marketing is also fuel to drive more dollars in a more intentional authentic way. How? By really looking at the words that make others feel good, there is a huge difference with "this is a great product, to " This is my favorite product that feels luxurious and provides an incredible amount of nutrients and moisture to my skin. You get the idea! Yet what about in our day to day lives. ALL our customer purchases are based on how they FEEL! That is some serious stuff right there! SOOOO What would it be like to get out of bed every morning knowing that I can choose ON PURPOSE how I want to feel for the day? We get to do that! Most are just unaware, most just stay in the fine. How would it feel and be if every client walked in and you told them your felt amazing or fabulous, those are just some of the obvious the dictionary has so many wonderful emotions to try on, yes like a pair of shoes some will feel amazing other ehh! Either way, YOU CHOOSE!

Fun exercise ask yourself what are your top 3 emotions you feel most often? Even more fun ask your spouse or kids I think you may be surprised. not just by your answers but theirs as well. We go around just striving for Happy or peaceful FYI those are the top two we say we want. There is so much more!