Esties are you stuck?


So I just had a fabulous lunch with some amazing Esties here in Sacramento, and as we do we chatted about all things Skin. one of the topics was about carrying too many or more than one line. It dawned on me that as Professionals we get stuck! We get started on something and we just barrel ahead and before we know it we are still doing the same treatments, using the same products, selling the same old thing over and over again. Now to some, this may sound bad, I will tell you it is totally NOT!

  Yes, one of our basic human needs is variety, yet if we are good at a particular service or if a product still holds true for us its only natural for it to be your NO 1 service or most sold product.  Enthusiasm SELLS  I was reminded of a story by my mentor Susan Hyatt she talked about driving in her town and passing a sign at her favorite shoe store a very fu fu boutique that was having a huge SALE! She was so excited she immediately made a u-turn and went in the store, as she was shopping and was so excited about the incredible deals she was getting on a pair of coveted boots she had been eyeing she started to call all her girlfriends, it was like girl get down here asap this sale is off the hook OMG and on and on! Are you that excited about what you do?    So I suggest that if you still have these NO 1 services and a product that you can't keep on the shelf that you still build those into a quarterly part of your marketing plan. 

               Meaning instead of getting too comfortable make them more intentional and market these go to as a quarterly promotions and keep them in your loop of marketing tools, make sure that seasonally your intermix other stuff and if there is something you want to do more of ( the stuff that takes a little less effort but brings in more money) build that in quarterly too! Clients want to be guided in the direction that best serves them and their pocketbook, create series around these and memberships that entice them to at least try, at a discount. Don't get caught in giving to much away, just a one time offer only to those whom you know are a little more savvy with funds. One on one conversation goes far in any form of business relationships so make sure with anything that you're taking the time to talk about it! An exciting phone call to make sure your clients are in the loop with the goods, Just like the shoe sale.  Make that  At every opportunity you need to share what it is you love about what you do and if they are not taking advantage of all your offerings get in a conversation to help them know what it is you may have not shared. Or better what they are missing. Its all about the excitement that can be generated. How about you? are you excited yet, It's my no one way to get myself unstuck! We all get stuck!  Have fun, create fun and BTW who doesn't want to be around and do biz with FUN!