Estie versus Santa



I read a thought from the Universe that made me think of us Estie's

"Haven't all the years you've spent being Santa Claus, [Estie], been more fun than all the years you’ve spent waiting for Santa Claus? And not just the joy you've helped place on your favorite faces, but for your ability to act instead of wait. Acting makes the suspense bearable, it gives you’re a starring role. Time passes more quickly. and best of all, it makes possible your dance with life as you network and mingle with other dancers. And so it is in all things, [Esties]  especially those dreams that have placed their trust in you...act, don't wait. Happy Hallelujah, Santa Claus! " the Universe

I Love this! It is more fun to play Santa!

Every season I get so excited to be in my biz! This thought from the Universe nailed how I feel about the coming festivities!

It is what drives my decisions and makes me create. It is in the doing that I get to sit back and actually work fewer hours throughout the Season than most. I don't extend my hours, (sometimes I'll come in for a College student who has traveled home). You see good business practices say, extend your hours, be available, discount, do what it takes to get them in. Been there done that. and now it is time to shift.

I'm going to generate more in this three weeks than I will in 4 months, partly due to a small shift in pricing, but mostly because I've set in place a tried and true system. It’s not Fancy with a bunch of new and exciting things. It’s just highlighting what I always do and taking the time to "Prep and plant" (this is done several months out) it's not about the shiny object or dangling the carrot, It’s about taking the time to be part of the Celebration and honing in on the time of year that Clients are already set to spend. Giving them exactly what it is that they want and gently guiding them along the way!

You see I jump on this with a Theme, (A Few Years Out) I know that may seem weird or a tad over the top, yet by doing so it allows for me to get a jump on things that are placed on sale after the season ends, it also gives me a whole year to watch and gather. Time is your Friend, it is the time taken to really plan that allows for actions towards something to be effortless and fluid and cost-effective. You don't need a theme, themes allow for me to have a beacon of sorts. Once I know where I'm going then getting there becomes a collaboration with my staff.

Esties, it's all about taking action! Now more than ever with the Internet and how fast things are moving, speed is an edge. Launching a product or treatment even a new piece of equipment and keeping your marketing on a constant revolving platform will ensure you are busy and profitable, not to mention relevant! We too have to stay on top of our Clients minds. I'm not just talking about Social Media and a Newsletter yes, those are ongoing tools to market to YOUR Clients. I'm talking about generating NEW Biz as well. I can't even begin to tell you how many ideas and launches that have passed me by because I was not ready. Valentine’s Day is my big one. It just comes around too fast after the Holidays, so it gets overlooked during a critical time when the consumer is ready and willing to buy. That is just one example. Estie, time and speed are your Friends, take action and set your biz up for success ACT!

Be sure and take some much needed time to reflect and review your Goals for 2018, calendar them out, set up a task keeper.

Join me and some other local Esties in January for vision boards and insight into a prosperous 2018!

We also will be having a "Gear up! Go Big" workshop in Feb for our kick off Estie Connection Meetup! here in Sacramento. Mark your Calendar Now so you can ACT and jumpstart your year! Wishing you a most prosperous Year!

Happy New Year!

From my heart to yours