Creating a Sacred Space

Why?  Intentions setting along with guiding your energy and manage your emotions. Its another physical form of visualization like vision boards.

  Always sit with your space and your alter. gather the appropriate crystal in your hands to get the energy and intentions going

   Remember; Life happens through YOU! You are a powerful creator!

3 steps

1. Declutter this is by far the first and most important step. A clean, organized space makes room for Magic! Creativity, inspirations clears the mind and creates a flow.

2. Gather your sacred items - all things that fuel your soul and inspire the direction you desire.

 There are a few components I recommend 1. Crystals, Oracle cards or moon cards,  Flowers, Statues that you like, Buddha, Lakshima Journal, you can have several ones for gratitude is especially powerful for manifesting and when in gratitude the more the universe delivers... a triangle for a small focal point/alter Meditation cushion also called a Zafu.

3. Meditate

Universe thrives on specifics 

  Some tips on utilizing your space and making the most of you sacred items :

   Crystals  these are fundamental elements that amplify your frequency a few to get you started (if new to crystals) 

             Rose Quartz love and the divine feminine energy

             Amethyst- grounding and protection


            Clear quartz- flow with energy

When getting started with crystals cleanse them with rock salt and water spray or soak, also leave them in the light of a full moon

    To strengthen your intentions pull some oracle or moon deck cards

Candles can anchor and create awareness
Statues represent something to you, for me Lakshima is abundance and prosperity 
  Triangle- is a place to keeps some stones to allow for a higher vibration 

Your Sacred Space and the symbols and tools you use are just physical pieces to amplify your energy, they are reminders of some of your specific intentions and of your own power, their like conduits to aid in your time of manifestations. Remember the Universe thrives on Specifics, clarity.

    Great resources book: "Crystal Muze" it's full of basic on crystals and tons of rituals to start your journey of manifesting and creating with these tools.