Consume or Connect?


So there is NO doubt that we are CONSUMING information! It is at the ready! Knowledge is NO LONGER POWER!

It's available with a click of a button.  Yet how are we CONNECTING? I ask myself this when recently I observed my own household on their phones. It's a repeated conversation amongst other clients who are parenting that they can't get the teen off the phone and that taking the phone away is quite frankly the only leverage for getting their attention. I know as a business owner I'm constantly looking and consuming. BUT and that's a big BUT, how much is really being utilized? How much is REALLY being applied? I pride myself for being an avid reader yet implementation is a whole other beast all together. 

        I for one want to stop the madness of over consumption , it’s an addiction in this country, that is why we still have storage units on every corner, we need more to feel better and even though we know better we still feel this sense of FOMO, fear of missing out, if we don't take in the information that is constant in our feeds and inboxes. We as Esties HAVE to make the Connections to thrive in our Industry! We also cannot truly absorb all that is thrown at us. There is a loss of connection on the internet this is the beauty and magic of this day we know, yet there is plenty of connecting. That is the gift of the internet so it is our job to get clarity around how and what and with boundaries of what it is that is robbing us of our precious lives and what truly feeds us and allows for growth.

               I want to make my knowledge and my connections deeper, richer, and to surround myself with others who can feed me. Come check out the Hub, I want to recreate what I've been craving with fellow Esties, and that is a supportive, inspiring, intentional environment of growth.