After 25 years she what?

Yes, she had been my Client for close to 25 yrs, she was a club member she was compliant, she is one of my best Clients! Love Her!

I see this client every 4 weeks, we began her usual treatment with the usual small talk. How's Mom, Hubby, Granddaughter and as I was massaging her feet,(this is done at the beginning of every facial) She asks? Will it make a difference if we don't do extractions? OK I get this all the time, no biggy, yet I wanted to make sure that her reason for asking was not just due to an event after the treatment, you know meeting a Friend for lunch/coffee, or maybe she had a special occasion to attend that evening. I do tend to leave the skin somewhat blotchy after a facial, so after a bit of probing along with the technical side of omitting extractions. I offer her some options and she laughed and basically said, "The facial would be so much nicer without extraction!" You see I could have said DUH! and gone about my professional ways but I heard her in a different way! She needed something different offered, not just a modification of the treatment (which is what I did) she needed a little bit more tender loving care and comfort. It was that easy. She just needed to ASK?

SO it was a comfort thing, this time! What about next time? This simple exchange made me step back and readdress how I begin every treatment. It also made me think about how outdated my intake forms were and that I can troubleshoot and gain clarity with each and every treatment and Client on a more thorough basis. It was also a great lesson in the level of comfort I have with Clients I've seen for a long time! Maybe they too are just in a rut with their usual? Good questions get good answers. So after 25 years, I'm still giving her a great facial we are just changing things up a bit and checking in a bit more regularly with a new way of looking at my notes after each treatment. Of course, in the beginning, I'm readdressing concerns and yes I'll always ASK, just with a different bit of awareness.

With that said I've got a new intake form and I'm so excited, yes excited to get ya all to fill these puppies out, they're so much fun and with the good info you get to share, I think you'll get a kick out of it as well. See ya at your next treatment.