What is YOUR Lie?


SO I've got a few of my own lies that I've been looking at, one was that in order to be successful I had to get up super early! Everything I ever read or researched, all the so-called quote-unquote successful people all rise early get there 2-hour workout in, have a green smoothie and voila they were killing it. I mean seriously my teen not too long ago brought up a post from Instagram the Mark Wahlberg shared about getting up at 2 am yes he meditated and worked out and so on. Oh, then there was Gwyenth Paltrow who shared her 2 hour Dance routine with famed Tracy Anderson. The other lie was I had to sacrifice rest, food, and even going to the bathroom in order to run a business that accommodated everyone. That I couldn't say NO was another lie especially when it came to Clients or other professionals because it was part of networking, giving back, or serving others. I also bought into the lie that honest conversations were only for those who were strong, arrogant, entitled. That you NEVER talk religion or politics bad bad bad. That's a lie I really prescribed to once this last elected official came into office.

What are some of yours? You already know about my horse lie. We all have them. We all buy into a belief a story that is holding us back. The world is full of amazing people, stories, experiences, and opinions that need to be heard, seen, experienced. Is there something that you've craved but maybe it's part of a lie you've been telling yourself? How about the lie that WHEN??????? You know when you lose weight, kids are grown, you have more money, time, let's stop the waiting and the when-ing let's create memories and stories that leave us a life well lived and a legacy that we are proud of, one that our 80 yr old self would say, Yes I did that! See ya at the Adventure Club!


Are you one of THOSE Women?

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"She taught me to be comfortable in my own skin. We have to honor the women who made us fierce"

Laura Dern on her Grandmother

I LOVE LOVE Laura Dern in her latest role in "Big Little Lies" She is Pissed! Fierce! And Oh I could go on and on! Love her!

Did you watch it? One of the best parts of this series is the way the women rally around one another. I get that it is Hollywood and that it always manages

to portray things with oh so glam! Yet the message is clear. They are sticking together! They have each other's backs! How about you? Do you have a tribe that you know is in your corner? Do you trust the women you surround yourself with? Whether Church group, playgroup or the gals at the office. Are you one of those who has women who support women? Do you rally behind the women who are going after her dreams, breaking barriers, fighting for her cause? Whatever it is? No matter if you agree or not? Do you have her back?

Or are you one to gossip, judge or criticize if she is doing something that maybe makes YOU a bit uncomfortable. A few years back a mentor had mentioned all the signs of jealousy and how we should take a close look at what makes us jealous? There are clearly things that we want or desire. I know you heard me reference this before, and I feel strongly that we need to think and dive deeper into this often when we find a Facebook post or an Instagram feed that stirs up a feeling that we can't quite get a hold of emotionally. Maybe the anger or envy is a deeper desire that you have shoved aside long ago and need to revisit. Mostly I want you to be that woman who is surrounded by support and strong, fierce, and deeply passionate women to inspire you and to lift you and to push you to live a life with glorious, joyful delight. Women need each other, women are one of my greatest joys as Women.

Lets just put I have an open Facebook group Estie Connection please step in and be that woman for our Industry? I'm there to do just that, I'm changing the name soon cause back in 2013 when I started, it fit but with the Estitician Connection I don't want you to get confused ( so many groups out there) Let's be that woman for other Esties come join in and set a standard. BE that woman!

Celebrity Hype or Real Results?


Some devotees visit as many as three times pre-ceremony for treatment including combinations of Microcurrent- radio frequency oxygen LED,

When prompted for a cost most celebrity facialist won't say, cause the Celeb price is different, but a watered-down version is available for $450.

For those of you who know me when I turned 50, I invested in a Microcurrent Machine. Based on my age and the longevity of the science that backed this treatment it was a NO BRAINER when it came to adding it to my biz! It has been a game-changer for aging and its no accident that it has been the GO-TO for centuries. Today the secret is fully exploded SO here is the problem Its NOT A treatment that can have results that are as noticeable as some quick-fix procedures like Botox and other fillers. Yet the long term impact is far greater. It takes a bit of explaining yet the reality is that it is subtle and on some, it's a wow. It is accumulative and its been tried and true treatment for A LONG TIME!

Here’s the thing, NOTHING is a ONE AND DONE! Not even a face-lift. Everything and anything that is gonna make changes in the skin and in your ability to age well, will take a ritual of some sort, and some great options at the salon. I've got both! I love how I'm aging! We know what it will take to stay healthy and vibrant for a long well-lived life. It is different for each of us. The tools and the shortcuts are in full force out there to entice and to deceive you into believing that there is a miracle cream and a miracle treatment IT DOES NOT EXIST! What does exist is good ingredients, just like GOOD food. Applied daily just like giving your body good food. There are treatments and modalities that will extend and help repair the cells and the damage. Just like a frequent visit to the gym, yoga or ensuring that the body and its muscles and mind is getting oxygen and circulation. Just like the salon stuff? Go figure.

I know you've heard this all before it just makes sense and it seems so simple, but we do do a great job complicating things. Especially when something lures us in with all the information out there. Keep it simple. Move, take in all good, practice daily rituals that support and heal the living that we have taken for granted. Come see and invest in ME at Jenell's Skin. I've got your back. I'm not the cheapest or the most expensive. I won't have you going down the wrong path to find the fountain of youth, honest conversations with real results.

If you've not tried the Microcurrent please DO, I have everything you need to age gracefully and to AGE YOUR way.

I've got the latest in peel technology and its not what you think. We are not about creating harm or periods of downtime. Who has time for that?

See ya at the Salon!

We've all had them, those weeks!


No not the ones where everything went wrong, Yes we had those too. I'm talking about the week where it was all those little things, the ones that just kept adding up. Maybe it was a few days of not getting the gym in? Or maybe you had a few meals or food items that just were a bit out of what you normally eat and well you felt yucky, bloated. Or maybe it was the phone calls you kept putting off? Or the conversation you kept wanting to have? YOU KNOW? Not the big things but a week of the little things that just kept building. The little things that by weeks end your thoughts and your mind were starting to talk SMACK! You know the thoughts like "I'm so lazy" "I'm just never gonna get it right" or "I need to do this or that?" What it boils down to is that your thoughts are contributing to you feeling not so stellar! Your thoughts start to build too, things like I was tired I needed to focus on other things, I was just so busy you know the things we need to say to ourselves to justify the little things that are making us feel bad.

Spoiler alert! It's not those little things, it's how you're thinking about those little things! Yes, they add up. Yes they need to get done. Yet did it occur to you that there were many more other things that you did do really well? We tend to lose sight of what went right, versus what went wrong. Well, I had that very week where day 6 hit and no exercise, not such great food for the week and well day 6 I was thinking the funky thoughts. I shifted a bit. Started to do the transitional stuff with my food choices and then STOPPED! You know I did this so I can do that? Or I did this so I CAN'T do that! NO, I don't play that anymore! I had to re-frame some thoughts and go to what was good about this week. It worked. I felt better, I got up day 7 and walked. Felt my breakfast digest better, got some creative juices flowing looked back at day 6 and reminded myself that I didn't finish my Margarita when Hubby and I running errands stopped into Chili’s and had a moment to just enjoy each other with a Margarita and some chips and salsa. FYI I usually get sick eating chips and salsa they're my fav! No, I just enjoyed, left part of my drink came home and opted out of dinner cause I wasn't hungry.

You see it's always those little things that do add up, and yet we forget that we have so many little things that DO go right! It's choosing how to think about what it is that is NOT working verse what's working? A lot is working, so let's re-frame THAT week, start over with a new week (AH A GIFT) and get those thoughts to focus on all the good we do. Then we miraculously have energy and plenty of room for all the stuff that didn't get done. BAM! Just that energy shift is MAGICAL! I have post-it notes everywhere in my Salon, home office it says "What was wonderful about yesterday?" You see it's training my thoughts to focus on the good, it's working!


Hey Esties, are you noticing?


A client just thanked me for a simple card that I sent congratulating her on her recent weight loss ( She lost a significant amount of weight). She then went on to say that I was the ONLY person... the ONLY person who made mention. WOW! I was shocked! I mean how can we not celebrate one another? That was my first thought. How can her Friends and Family Members not have said something?

I thought about this after she left and I have to say it made me so very sad. AS WOMEN we owe it to every woman we come in contact with to remind her of her beauty; ESPECIALLY US ESTIES! I thought how simple it was to send out this card, and for her to get joy from it. Yet it made me wonder why it is that we don't say something about a new Hair Cut, or a beautiful outfit, or just acknowledge someone whatever it is. Here's the thing, WE NOTICE! Don't even say you don't! Women don't miss a beat when it comes to beautiful things! We don't miss a beat when a Woman looks amazing or is doing something that excites us. WE NOTICE!

Sometimes, and I do this myself, we get disappointed that we are not succeeding in areas of our life. But that doesn't mean I don't celebrate and want to acknowledge all those around me who are showing up for themselves. Is it hard to talk about others success because it forces us to look at why we are not doing what we really want to do?

It's like we easily focus on others faults and shortcomings cause who really wants to be reminded of the stuff we're not achieving? I mean HELL YES! I do this all the time to my husband. I think that if he would just have a healthy meal prepared when I get home from work that I won't have a weight problem? REALLY! I know better, yet some of that seems real to me, especially when I focus on him not cooking instead of me managing myself and what I truly want.

Ok, I digressed. Let's look at the simplicity of noticing. As Esties we work so hard to make sure others (clients) feel fabulous. I mean, that is our job! So are we forgetting how important and simple it is to NOTICE all the little things and ( HINT) the big even more like job changes, anniversaries, life changes, goals achieved, weight loss, trips being taken? Check out my 3-fer video for a rewarding way to make a difference and to ensure client Loyalty. It has become my favorite part of my week and the most authentic. I call it my "warm fuzzy" for the week. It will amaze you!

Esties start NOTICING! Start saying something. Start sending messages of celebration every day! Game changers!!! http://www.jenellgarcia.com/blog/

Fine? Good? We can do better!


Two books that I was recently introduced to, that have me paying a lot more attention to how I feel and how I can be intentional with my emotions. If you were to ask me several months past if we choose how we feel? I would have gone into a lengthy segment of " Well that depends" I no longer believe that. I do believe that we were taught how to FEEL about certain things by our culture, parents, teachers, etc. they all have shaped certain beliefs. As far as a subject all together I do think that the Education system does NOT, however, teach emotions outside of - Tom is sad Tom is mad! She is happy

"The Dictionary of Emotions" by Patrick Michael Ryan along with "How Emotions Are Made" by Lisa Feldman Barrett

I do however believe that life in itself is a 50/50 GIG! We are not meant to be happy ALL THE TIME! How would we know happy without knowing sad? I ask you if you took the general populations and ask them " How are you? Most would answer FINE! Or if they were a Colleague they might say busy! But MOST say fine! I say what level of fine are we? You see as I'm looking into all the different emotions available to us (DICTIONARY) there are truly a plethora of emotions other than and much more interesting than FINE!

So what of all this? Well as a business owner who wants to make meaning out of each transaction and connection! I want to FEEL on purpose, I want to use words and emotions to fuel my daily actions along with my interactions. Using emotions in my content for marketing is also fuel to drive more dollars in a more intentional authentic way. How? By really looking at the words that make others feel good, there is a huge difference with "this is a great product, to " This is my favorite product that feels luxurious and provides an incredible amount of nutrients and moisture to my skin. You get the idea! Yet what about in our day to day lives. ALL our customer purchases are based on how they FEEL! That is some serious stuff right there! SOOOO What would it be like to get out of bed every morning knowing that I can choose ON PURPOSE how I want to feel for the day? We get to do that! Most are just unaware, most just stay in the fine. How would it feel and be if every client walked in and you told them your felt amazing or fabulous, those are just some of the obvious the dictionary has so many wonderful emotions to try on, yes like a pair of shoes some will feel amazing other ehh! Either way, YOU CHOOSE!

Fun exercise ask yourself what are your top 3 emotions you feel most often? Even more fun ask your spouse or kids I think you may be surprised. not just by your answers but theirs as well. We go around just striving for Happy or peaceful FYI those are the top two we say we want. There is so much more!

When things go wrong, and they do!


How does one stay positive and get back on track and not let experiences throw you off course?

Sunny Santa Barbara for a full week with the teen, dog, and Hubby. It's February. We had it all mapped out; time at the beach, time of year (not too cold yet), but will require a wetsuit. Figured it would still be on the chilly side.

Wrong! It was hot; unusually hot! Record-breaking hot! I didn't expect that! The clothes I packed were not suited for HOT! The dog is drooling HOT! The campground feels like it is just a cement slab, we can't even do a campfire it is so HOT! Did I tell ya I don't like HOT!? Well, a bottle of wine for starters helped. The campground pool appeased the teen. Yet I was fighting the desire to complain. I wanted to just relax, but I was just so uncomfortable and hot flashes didn't help.

So what was plan B? We needed to switch gears and it needed to happen fast! My Hubby suggested we ditch the campground - a very expensive suggestion cause we're not gonna get a refund, and go to the lake. Lake Cachuma was not far and it was lush green and much cooler! The dog had a huge open field to run and play in, the lake was low, but we were just miles from the cute little Dutch town of Solvang. We had an amazing plan B and we were able to recover well.

Things go wrong and when they do I feel like it is the Universe's way of "Calling ME" and more important, How am I answering?

Saying "In the end it's all ok, if it's not ok then it's not the end"

Do we react or do we choose to create? I for one almost always REACT first! ( Not a proud moment), yet it typically is my first reaction. Now with children, I recover pretty fast and start to create RAPIDLY! With creativity, it ends up changing the trajectory of EVERYTHING! It's like focusing on what CAN BE! It allows for a more fluid transition and it just FEELS right.

Reacting almost always makes me feel like I have no control and that there is only one way it will end, POORLY! I don't like reacting as an option. Creating is problem-solving, solution-oriented and feels POWERFUL! Quite simply it FEELS better to create. I think when things go wrong, if we just focus on feeling better first, we go on autopilot and start creating.

I mean if we all choose to make our emotional state a priority, I think the world would be just better! Now there are those days when it's just not gonna turn around real quick. Then, and only then, do I sorta need to surrender; Surrender to JUST BE. It also is a time to utilize information coming in so IT DOESN'T HAPPEN AGAIN! I heard a Mentor of mine mention it's a time to Collect Data. To see what it was that contributed to the "Not so good day?" Like did I get enough sleep, what did or didn't I eat? Was I unorganized so things went haywire? Or, did I not communicate what I needed?

So when things go wrong I also know that I need to just tend to some details to feel nurtured and to feed my soul just a little bit. To be just a little bit more gentle with myself and to ignore the need to beat myself up cause in the end, we will have another opportunity to answer the CALL! There will be another one of those NOT SO GOOD days!

So this is where, as Esties we can impact and provide lasting impressions on our Clients. It is another way to remind them of the support system they have in YOU! You want to encourage them to make themselves a priority and to nurture all that they need. It starts with you communicating all that you do to be a place to fill their cup and to tend to the details of their lives, starting with lifestyle choices. Facials, nutrition, self-care, ME time, etc. I would love to hear ways that you message to your Clientele, or how you nurture other areas outside of the skin?

Jenell http://www.jenellgarcia.com/

After 25 years she what?

Yes, she had been my Client for close to 25 yrs, she was a club member she was compliant, she is one of my best Clients! Love Her!

I see this client every 4 weeks, we began her usual treatment with the usual small talk. How's Mom, Hubby, Granddaughter and as I was massaging her feet,(this is done at the beginning of every facial) She asks? Will it make a difference if we don't do extractions? OK I get this all the time, no biggy, yet I wanted to make sure that her reason for asking was not just due to an event after the treatment, you know meeting a Friend for lunch/coffee, or maybe she had a special occasion to attend that evening. I do tend to leave the skin somewhat blotchy after a facial, so after a bit of probing along with the technical side of omitting extractions. I offer her some options and she laughed and basically said, "The facial would be so much nicer without extraction!" You see I could have said DUH! and gone about my professional ways but I heard her in a different way! She needed something different offered, not just a modification of the treatment (which is what I did) she needed a little bit more tender loving care and comfort. It was that easy. She just needed to ASK?

SO it was a comfort thing, this time! What about next time? This simple exchange made me step back and readdress how I begin every treatment. It also made me think about how outdated my intake forms were and that I can troubleshoot and gain clarity with each and every treatment and Client on a more thorough basis. It was also a great lesson in the level of comfort I have with Clients I've seen for a long time! Maybe they too are just in a rut with their usual? Good questions get good answers. So after 25 years, I'm still giving her a great facial we are just changing things up a bit and checking in a bit more regularly with a new way of looking at my notes after each treatment. Of course, in the beginning, I'm readdressing concerns and yes I'll always ASK, just with a different bit of awareness.

With that said I've got a new intake form and I'm so excited, yes excited to get ya all to fill these puppies out, they're so much fun and with the good info you get to share, I think you'll get a kick out of it as well. See ya at your next treatment.

Esties are you stuck?


So I just had a fabulous lunch with some amazing Esties here in Sacramento, and as we do we chatted about all things Skin. one of the topics was about carrying too many or more than one line. It dawned on me that as Professionals we get stuck! We get started on something and we just barrel ahead and before we know it we are still doing the same treatments, using the same products, selling the same old thing over and over again. Now to some, this may sound bad, I will tell you it is totally NOT!

  Yes, one of our basic human needs is variety, yet if we are good at a particular service or if a product still holds true for us its only natural for it to be your NO 1 service or most sold product.  Enthusiasm SELLS  I was reminded of a story by my mentor Susan Hyatt she talked about driving in her town and passing a sign at her favorite shoe store a very fu fu boutique that was having a huge SALE! She was so excited she immediately made a u-turn and went in the store, as she was shopping and was so excited about the incredible deals she was getting on a pair of coveted boots she had been eyeing she started to call all her girlfriends, it was like girl get down here asap this sale is off the hook OMG and on and on! Are you that excited about what you do?    So I suggest that if you still have these NO 1 services and a product that you can't keep on the shelf that you still build those into a quarterly part of your marketing plan. 

               Meaning instead of getting too comfortable make them more intentional and market these go to as a quarterly promotions and keep them in your loop of marketing tools, make sure that seasonally your intermix other stuff and if there is something you want to do more of ( the stuff that takes a little less effort but brings in more money) build that in quarterly too! Clients want to be guided in the direction that best serves them and their pocketbook, create series around these and memberships that entice them to at least try, at a discount. Don't get caught in giving to much away, just a one time offer only to those whom you know are a little more savvy with funds. One on one conversation goes far in any form of business relationships so make sure with anything that you're taking the time to talk about it! An exciting phone call to make sure your clients are in the loop with the goods, Just like the shoe sale.  Make that  At every opportunity you need to share what it is you love about what you do and if they are not taking advantage of all your offerings get in a conversation to help them know what it is you may have not shared. Or better what they are missing. Its all about the excitement that can be generated. How about you? are you excited yet, It's my no one way to get myself unstuck! We all get stuck!  Have fun, create fun and BTW who doesn't want to be around and do biz with FUN!

Creating a Sacred Space

Why?  Intentions setting along with guiding your energy and manage your emotions. Its another physical form of visualization like vision boards.

  Always sit with your space and your alter. gather the appropriate crystal in your hands to get the energy and intentions going

   Remember; Life happens through YOU! You are a powerful creator!

3 steps

1. Declutter this is by far the first and most important step. A clean, organized space makes room for Magic! Creativity, inspirations clears the mind and creates a flow.

2. Gather your sacred items - all things that fuel your soul and inspire the direction you desire.

 There are a few components I recommend 1. Crystals, Oracle cards or moon cards,  Flowers, Statues that you like, Buddha, Lakshima Journal, you can have several ones for gratitude is especially powerful for manifesting and when in gratitude the more the universe delivers... a triangle for a small focal point/alter Meditation cushion also called a Zafu.

3. Meditate

Universe thrives on specifics 

  Some tips on utilizing your space and making the most of you sacred items :

   Crystals  these are fundamental elements that amplify your frequency a few to get you started (if new to crystals) 

             Rose Quartz love and the divine feminine energy

             Amethyst- grounding and protection


            Clear quartz- flow with energy

When getting started with crystals cleanse them with rock salt and water spray or soak, also leave them in the light of a full moon

    To strengthen your intentions pull some oracle or moon deck cards

Candles can anchor and create awareness
Statues represent something to you, for me Lakshima is abundance and prosperity 
  Triangle- is a place to keeps some stones to allow for a higher vibration 

Your Sacred Space and the symbols and tools you use are just physical pieces to amplify your energy, they are reminders of some of your specific intentions and of your own power, their like conduits to aid in your time of manifestations. Remember the Universe thrives on Specifics, clarity.

    Great resources book: "Crystal Muze" it's full of basic on crystals and tons of rituals to start your journey of manifesting and creating with these tools. 

Ultimate in Client Loyalty


My Client shared a sad sad story the other day and with the recent political let's just say STUFF! (I don't bring politics as a rule to my Skin Care practice) I felt it was a worthy share. She told me of a Nail Gal that she had been going to for over twenty years. She described the relationship and the fact that her loyalty had run so deep that she continued to do business with her even after she had moved out of town making her trip to get her nails done over 100-mile round trip. That is loyalty! Let's not mention traffic, gas, and such. For those of us that have been around for a while this type of loyalty is not unusual, In fact, it's common. We are so blessed in this industry to touch lives so profoundly. 

              Well, I wish this story had a happy ending. Now first let me say that we ALL have a voice and a right to how we believe and practice and we surely need to be honest about our politics, I'm an advocate for all who want to share their voice ( being kind, and to offer understanding to all) this Nail Gal started suttle in her thoughts and in sharing her beliefs, then it got a little bit bigger and it escalated to a point where racial slurs and prejudices began to be spoken in a more aggressive manner. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANY TYPE OF PREJUDICE! Well, one day it just crossed a line and she reference Hispanics in a derogatory way.  Now my Client who was her Client is half Japenese and half Vietnamese  her mother-in-law was born in the US and speaks fluent Janpanese, her heritage and culture run deep and she was hurt by this women's words. She made the decision to stop her visit every two weeks and to step left of this relationship. That my Esties is POWERFUL! My heart aches for those who don't see the power of their words. Yes we all have a voice and we should speak up ALWAYS. And Yes we should hold firm in our beliefs and we get to choose everyday whom we do business with. I'm not advocating that we put who we are aside for clients we attract like-minded clients. Yet at the end of the day I want to be accepting of all and to let my clients know that I hear them, I honor them, and that they matter! Not because they are paying my mortgage! Because I value them!

            I would love to hear your thoughts on how you speak your truth within your daily practice, and how you handle those who may offend others? How do we stay the course and stay in our own truth and still remain grateful, and good professionals within the service industry?

I know that after twenty years of service and friendship my heart would be heavy if I knew I had hurt another individual let alone a friend!

Love to hear your thoughts!

I just raised my prices!


Question! Are you still asking around within your network of fellow Esties " What do you charge?" I'm not asking if your just curious, I mean are you still running a collective Q on a Facebook group to see if its OK in your area to charge ???? I know I've been to several events and classes where price and rates come up in a discussion and there is always at least ONE Estie who says they won't pay that in my area. I get there are degrees of financial risk when it comes to pricing, we may lose some or one. We may feel a sense of nervousness with how clients will react? We ourselves go through levels of doubt?

      What IF? You charged what your heart desired? What if you were worth it? Who decides for you? Why are we still playing small with this area of our biz? I want MORE! And I want you to want more. Let's level the playing field and do some leveling up! I just raised my prices, it been too long ( mostly cause I wasn't paying attn.) I had a wedding to plan and a grandbaby coming and a Salon Build and I just looked at the last time I raised my prices it was 2014 that was just my facial rate. I have raised my prices on my membership and on peels and some of my specialty treatments, but it’s time and it’s never too late. I'm upping my game not just with continued education but with a collaboration of conferences and classes and equipment along with research and the continued love of all things skin. Who can decide for me what I'm worth?

How I found my new Dentist!


I just left a appt with my new Dentist and I’m am beyond THRILLED ! My old Dentist had retired, he was OK? Yet after several years with the Gentlemen that took over his practice I had to step left, I was not thrilled. You see as a biz owner I look and view other businesses,  often it has and continues to give me ideas and levels of how I want to practice. I will tell you that my gut for leaving proved to be a feeling that both my Daughter and other Family members confirmed. PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HOW WE DO BUSINESS!  In the meantime my old Asst.  had given me a neighborhood letter she felt was something I should look at as a form of future marketing. Now I LOVE marketing, so reading this letter was of interest to me.  Long story short this letter was simple and yet it SPOKE to me. I was so impressed that I carried this in my files for over two years before I finally called and booked an initial visit. Mind you this was out of my neighborhood and not really convenient YET this is the best form of MARKETING ( I've enclosed the letter)   As a whole, few businesses are reaching out by direct mail in such a real authentic way. I had such an amazing first visit and felt instantly connected to this Father-Daughter Practice that I have been shouting to the rooftops their accolades! They are my forever Dentists! Period. 

     So the letter got me in the door? Yet it was the time the  information the care and the honesty that sold me. It was the way they answered my questions and how they handled my objections. Dentistry is EXPENSIVE and for a self Employed Estie without Dental insurance this was HUGE! Options were offered, I was given relief with concerns.  In the end, their level of practice offered me a view into my own offerings and how I too can take a little more time to REALLY offer what will work for the individual not just a one cookie cutter way of doing things. I customize everything, yet in day to day practices it easy to rely on the GO TO! SUGGESTION: look, study, and take notice of all the ways other Businesses DO business! This is the BEST way to add or take away anything you are currently doing that isn't offering you the results you want in your BIZ! 

      I just moved into a new Space and have a whole new set of Neighbors, so I too am going to write my own letter following my Dentist. I'm going to share my Business and how and what i offer, my hope is that it will attract those who it SPEAKS too! It vital that we look at how other Business in our World are doing things and if it resonates with something that we love, then duplicate it!  After all, it is the best form of flattery.

Self-Care as your Business plan


The beauty of life is activated when you turn a daily task into rituals that can empower your energy!

Self-Care is the "Fountain of Youth" the beauty of self-care is that it makes you a priority! By making self-care a daily task you set yourself up for mental clarity, energy, your more focused, creative, confident. You're able to implement ideas faster and with ease. As one of my mentors says "Your Power goes up and so does your income. She is living proof that less hustle more pleasure has made her rich! I have totally jumped on this Bus!!! How about you? Are you taking exceptional care of yourself? Is your health top of mind? Let's just imagine a woman who does, how does she plan her day? What's in her refrigerator? Does she have movement as part of her regular routine? How about rituals? Does she have any? What about boundaries? What would those look like? Remember she takes exquisite care of herself!

      I for one want to be more curious and fascinated by all the things some of my mentors are doing on a regular basis to mimic and see just what that might feel like. How does she dress? How are her work hours? and so on.....

    As we enter the New Year with all our plans and progress are we missing the critical link? Have you made Self-Care part of YOUR plan with your life and your BIZ? 

    I've created the Estie Hub to help us collaborate on this very thing, we can't just focus on biz we have to set ourselves up for success so we have energy clarity and creativity along with the confidence to see all are magnificence through! if we are not the priority it won't happen. Happy New Year! As your working your calendaring in and all your marketing be sure and put YOUR Self Care in!  TIP: Don't just schedule seminars and classes and Family vacations, Put in self-care days and fun days and reset days and adventures etc. It is critical to ensure we are caring for the golden goose! YOU are the golden goose! How can you make a living if you are tired, burned out or just feeling overwhelmed? Self-care is our business and we can model it for our clients, I'm constantly shocked at how many Esties I speak with that don't even get regular facials! If that's you? Start there! 

Consume or Connect?


So there is NO doubt that we are CONSUMING information! It is at the ready! Knowledge is NO LONGER POWER!

It's available with a click of a button.  Yet how are we CONNECTING? I ask myself this when recently I observed my own household on their phones. It's a repeated conversation amongst other clients who are parenting that they can't get the teen off the phone and that taking the phone away is quite frankly the only leverage for getting their attention. I know as a business owner I'm constantly looking and consuming. BUT and that's a big BUT, how much is really being utilized? How much is REALLY being applied? I pride myself for being an avid reader yet implementation is a whole other beast all together. 

        I for one want to stop the madness of over consumption , it’s an addiction in this country, that is why we still have storage units on every corner, we need more to feel better and even though we know better we still feel this sense of FOMO, fear of missing out, if we don't take in the information that is constant in our feeds and inboxes. We as Esties HAVE to make the Connections to thrive in our Industry! We also cannot truly absorb all that is thrown at us. There is a loss of connection on the internet this is the beauty and magic of this day we know, yet there is plenty of connecting. That is the gift of the internet so it is our job to get clarity around how and what and with boundaries of what it is that is robbing us of our precious lives and what truly feeds us and allows for growth.

               I want to make my knowledge and my connections deeper, richer, and to surround myself with others who can feed me. Come check out the Hub, I want to recreate what I've been craving with fellow Esties, and that is a supportive, inspiring, intentional environment of growth. 

From my Mentor to YOU!


From my mentor, Susan Hyatt and the Author of BARE here are ten let's STOP for the year!  after all, we are becoming so much more! 

 1. How about we stop obsessing over food and instead Savor! There is SOOOO much research on how just the mere enjoyment in slowing down and truly Savoring allows for digestion to kick in like no tomorrow. 

 2. How about STOP punishing ourselves for what we ate. Instead, move our bodies because it's amazing what our GOD-POD can do!

 3. How about we stop postponing experiences for a crazy reason like NO TIME! Have to get thinner! My Husband won't like it!

     Instead, charge after big goals and make exciting dates and experiences RIGHT NOW!

4. Stop Shaming ourselves and other Women for being sexy. Instead, show off that sexy YOU, and expressing yourself the way you want!

 5. STOP Waiting for someone else to make the first Move! Instead, write your own permission slip for what it is you want and crave!

6. Stop making excuses and make art, make a difference, making your time count!

7. Stop tearing down other Women and Celebrating other women successes and be their cheerleader.

8. Stop teaching our Daughters to be GOOD, thin, and pretty, to fit in! Instead be brave, aim for the sky, make a scene and to go big!

9. Let's stop filling life with tedious unnecessary obligations, criticizing ourselves and others, nitpicking at things that don't really matter. Instead fill life up with fun, beauty, and pleasure that up levels our lives.

10. Stop hiding out, opting out! Sitting in the back, instead, show up, front row it, be all in! Starting Now! 

 I'm Honored to be certified in the BARE work and for those who want to take their personal lives a little deeper in the New year please inquire about joining me and some other fabulous Women for our Bare Workshop Starting in March. 

Big Dreams and Grand Schemes!


When was the last time you thought of a big dream? You know the kind, the ones that seem so far beyond your wildest beliefs.

What exactly was it? Why was it so out of your grasp? Money? Time? Resources? Was it just so big that it just took you out of your body even to think it imaginable? This is where it can get kinda fun?  You see there are thousands of biggies that have come to fruition that at one time seemed so beyond the Universe and expectation. Yet they came to life! Often we trap ourselves in this box of the impossible before we even finish the dreaming part. 

Dreams can take on many shapes and sizes, I recently reached out to a Professional that I had been watching from afar and was secretly coveting her life, her clothes, her personality, I literally had a major GIRL CRUSH Probably one of the biggest I've ever had. She spoke to my SISTA SOUL and I knew I needed to work with her, I had drunk the KOOL-AID and I wanted more. It seemed kinda out of reach and yet I knew I had to step into a new thought and manifest like crazy to make it happen so I took the leap and boy the net appeared. Funny things happen when we leap. Mind you, I don't see myself as a leaper at all. I'm a doer but this was a biggie. Well, I have to tell you magic continues to happen and I know its cause I said YES to me yes to scary money and yet deep down I knew it wasn't just money but something so much more.

    What is it in your dreams that your standing on the sidelines watching, coveting, and wanting? You see this envy this type of jealousy I was observing, was also what drove me to GO for It! I wanted what she has.  That was the beauty of the envy. It was my reminder of all that I had and have desired. I had forgotten in all the other details that had crept into my life. I was going through the required motions not fully embracing what it was that I truly desired. She showed me and now well I'm kinda living out my dreams and some grand schemes are soon to follow. 

   NOTE: when you feel that urge to criticize or feel a bit of jealousy creep in KNOW THIS! It's just a clear path to all that you truly desire! Instead of bashing or get upset at these feelings, know that they are there to serve YOU! Seek out that person, observe her, embrace what it is to model what it is that she has. You will see MAGIC! She is there to teach you and guide your Sister Spirit in the directions of your true self!

What I Invested In!


Well, Oprah has her yearly favorites and this Estie does as well, It's so important to set ourselves up for Pleasure both in and out of the treatment room.

This past year I found some New Favorites, as well as some time, tested Oldies.  My hope is that they get ya thinking about more Joy and delight in your Life and Biz!

  1.  My First biggie was a New Office space in my home, Yes I did just build out a New Salon (for those of you who know me) but My Space at home is truly my source of daily inspiration, It is where I write, research, reset and renew my spirit. It is vital that we all create a Sacred Space in our Homes.

If you don't have a room? (I didn't for years) find a corner or closet, it's amazing what you can do with small spaces now (THINK TINY HOUSE) Seriously it can happen with the right intention. Set yourself up for success by creating a Sacred Space!


 2.  Along the same lines especially if you don't have a room of your own, invest in a beautiful Comfy chair! Is this chair not the most gorgeous Comfy thing! here is what I call the "Self Cuddler! " Yes it is in my new office yet it wouldn't be a special place without this chair, we need a restful haven for self-care. I journal, enjoy my afternoon cup of tea, make calls, rock my Grandson, this is comfort.


3. Flowers - more specific Bouq they deliver and its the most decadent weekly treat! I'm looking into Farmgirl as well, they look amazing! Fresh flower belongs both at home and in my Salon, it's just a given and the World is a more beautiful place because of flowers. It is such a gift, Trader Joes is a cheaper version but you got to go get them.

4.  An oldie but goodie just an upgraded version: Converse the slip on kind, they look great with my uniform and  I love the elastic back to just slip on and go  there comfy and sporty.  My favorite is white, I buy a new pair every year.


5. Young Living Essential oils- I know as an Estie we use these things daily in the treatment room but I joined this company for the monthly member to utilize more for self-care at home and to provide for Clients, they are like little spiritual gifts. My favorite is Grapefruit and Lemon.


6.  Another old school with a twist a phone receiver for my cell phone both for home and salon - I want to continue to be eliminating anything that puts out bad juju the continued use of the cell phone made me want to be safer for long phone calls - This is one of my favorites!


7.  Plutos- for those who have yet to try this upper scale form of fast and fresh their Seasonal Salads are my go to! It's hard enough to fit lunch in when I'm busy with clients,  calls and general Salon upkeep,  so much goodness in this Salad.  Plutos is this hidden gem.


8.  Ok so I love Butter and this past year I found this little ceramic dish that i guess is dated back in the old days from Europe It keeps butter fresh and soft. Who likes cold butter to spread, Laugh but get one and you'll thank me later, YOU WELCOME FYI I still believe Quality over quantity real butter is soooo much more satiating than a fake spread.


9.  In the treatment room- 3 new favorites the ENVI Towels- these large disposable towels are a must for any mask that mess up your white linens. Face Reality think Enzymn,  These are perfect for the hot towel cabi and they are soft and so big I can't live without -Available through California Skin Supply tell Kelly I sent ya. (NOT AN AFFILIATE) just love them. Rubber Spactula- talk about not wasting a ton of product that get lost in a mask brush. Love these.  MAD Peels- these peels can be layered and have been a great addition to my treatment room this past year.  Affordable and so user Friendly for ALL SKIN TYPES! Think customization with ease!


Peeps I invested in- Still working with Katrina Sawa a local Coach here in Sacramento she is the bomb check out all her free stuff.

Susan Hyatt- my latest GIRL CRUSH worked with her in a few programs and got certified by her.  BARE  its groundbreaking stuff on helping Women and girls with such amazing positive messaging, I wanted these extra tools for all my Clients and future young Women. Also, Lori Crete Beauty biz club is forever rockin' it She is the Beyonce of our Biz!


10. The Best for Last - BOOKS- I love all things biz and the Human Condition my top Fav for 2018 

      The Big Leap


      The Ultimate Sale Machine

     Self Coaching one on one

      Ouiet - for my introvert soon to be 16 year old 

      Anything Brene Brown 

    Books on my radar 

       The power of nice - 

      The art and Science of delay 


Success? Yet still a slow month?


    I've been blessed in this industry, I've shared on many an occasion how I feel and how this biz has been an amazing journey. My numbers have been great, and yet I still had a slow month? Actually, if truth be told I had a few slow months? I did what I've always done in the past when my numbers and my schedule made me nervous. I got intentional! Yes, I got really serious and I got on the phone and reached out to clients. I looked through my cancellation list and sent cards and I stepped back and did a bit of brainstorming around why it's slow? What's going on that I missed? Where are there holes in my systems? Have I gotten comfortable? Lazy? Stagnant? Have I added anything new? And so on and so forth. 

   After the brainstorming I get quiet and I reflect on what has ALWAYS worked, and what is going on in my life BOTH personally and professionally? You see they are not separate,  I'm just saying that in 25 years of being in skin care and being 55 years young, balance is no longer a goal as a biz owner. What I do know for sure is that I get side tracked, I get interrupted, I get off course, That’s when my biz shows signs of neglect. Calls get returned a day late, emails don't get written, cancellation follow-up goes by the wayside, orders get put off. I built a new Salon a few months back and I got a tad sidetracked with paint and artwork and projects and well you know? Once I stopped and looked around at my distractions and my not so full schedule I realized that I just needed to get back to my intentional way of doing biz and to my follow up system cause after all as a Mentor of mine says "Your fortune is in your follow-up"

               I know that to be GOSPEL! My books look great again, my numbers are looking good, my systems are back in actions and I’m feeling less disenchantment with my new beautiful space,  because biz is running smooth and it all goes back to intentions. It is a daily ritual that begins with my schedule and ends with great notes in each clients files, It is my beacon for the actions that need to take place to keep things running smoothly. I love the biz of skin! If your feeling a lil bit distracted or a lil bit disenchanted with your life and your biz. Check out the HUB! It's a great place to stay the course, gain some inspirations, and have a community of beautiful peeps to add a bit if creative energy. 

Programs and Templates and Downloads OH MY!!


I love Melanie Duncan she has the most beautiful website and I love her themed Coaching program and she is so pretty and successful and all her stuff that comes through my inbox I just well she is THE BOMB! Now I only invested a little in her stuff and recently I got a freebie she sent out to aid in setting up for the Holiday Season. The marketing for this freebie was Amazing and oh so tempting. I downloaded to check it out and WOW! Something happened, I got SO many downloads and so many templates and so many pages of info and breakdowns it was INFORMATION overload, to say the least.

 Well, this got me thinking, every year for the past 18 years I've run the same promotion during the Holiday Season and every year I've consistently made 20 to 35 thousand dollars in just a few short weeks mind you, taking 10 days off from in Dec.  All while being a Solo Estie with no real employees, (subcontracted a few things out like printing and such) SO I needed to remind myself, WHY DO I NEED TO LOOK AT THIS INFORMATION? Well for one I DON'T HAVE AND KNOW IT ALL! So checking it out was very time consuming and she placed it in a format as a challenge for 7 days (to spread the content out so as NOT to overwhelm)  with stuff to fill in, so time wise it was a tad crazy, Some of it did give me future ideas yet the work involved was OFF THE HOOK! Do I really need this? I've got a simple system that for Esties or for me has worked? 

I know we have so much to pick and choose from, I would LOVE to keep it simple and clean and on point for those wanting to keep it REAL (meaning DOABLE) Not to say her stuff doesn't work! I've made a video and for those who sign up for my annual membership, it's your bonus FREE! It’s value is INVALUABLE the potential for YOUR biz to generate that kind of money NOTE: this is not internet sales money or new client money or even gift certificate money this is a proven system within your client base that I've generated this kinda of money EVERY Holiday Season. Check out the Hub for more of this kind of hands-on detailed with REAL connecting.