When did we buy into the LIE that forever youth is attainable?


 Ahhh the Media, the endless lies of youthfulness and its magic lure. As far back as time, we have been mesmerized by the message and the belief that with hard work and lots of money we can attain forever young. Well, I for one know that no matter what our body changes, even the 105-year-old Yoga instructor has wrinkles, grey hair and is  practicing her art of yoga differently. She knows that her body has changed, she has honored it, she lives well. 

          So like everything skin, body, lifestyle, beliefs (if we want them too). I know I'm viewing my belief about my body very differently than even a few years ago, that my skin is telling me a thing or to about my life, that stress is really a form of anxiety and that I create it! And that my thoughts determine my life, that circumstances (certain ones) are out of my control, (like getting the salon finished).   I either think differently about them or I make it mean something, I choose. So my body is changing, my skin is seasonal, emotionally changing and the youthfulness I desire is starting to look different.  Change will come, how and what do you want it to look like and to mean? What is your skin telling you? With fall around the corner. School starting up again lets take a look at what's changing and reboot your ritual with a new treatment, product and a little love for your soul and your skin. 

       If you haven't seen the new space yet, swing by it's BEAUTIFUL! I have to say I think I out did myself! Book your appt today, and let's embrace all the changes coming. Honor your amazing body and all that it can do. Take extra care of yourself at every phase of change at Jenell's Skin. After all, change is GOOD!