Women Crave Comfort


There are these categories of pleasure- there is intellectual, literary, Luxury, rest, beauty (aesthetic) environmental, music, intimacy; sexual and comfort.

Most women crave comfort! Physical touch, warmth, hugs, cuddling, something soothing, soft textile comfort, an example of comfort is the feel of a luxurious lotion on one's hands and feet. These are just some examples of the types of comfort women gravitate towards. There are some exceptions and that may be due to abuse or a lack of regular touching like maybe ticklish etc but for the most part, when it comes to the different forms of pleasure comfort is high on the list. I recently had a Client opt out of the part of the facial that required extractions cause it was just one of those days where she needed more comfort than the practicality of extractions. Her Skin and Soul needed attention in a different way and I was grateful that she ASKED! You see no one can always know what is truly needed or what one truly is craving? Sometimes we aren't even aware? I know as I hit the ground running I ignore so many signs of what it is my body and soul are craving. It's not intentional, it's just a habit.

Comfort is my top priority when you come in for a service period! Im no mind reader, yet I do want to know what it is that you need and are craving? Im also looking for ways to support you in things outside of the Salon (Btw Belly dancing was a great adventure) what is it that you have craved in your life that well you just don't want to do alone? Or maybe your significant other isn't really interested yet you would LOVE to do with a group of supportive women. There are things we push aside, think are silly, or think NO I could NEVER do that???? Seriously life is moving fast let's dig deep to some of those cravings and put it out there I want to support ya on this. SO give this some thought get out a piece of paper write down the different categories listed at the top of this post and go through the different areas and see where there may be room to venture out. Diversify your pleasure and let Jenell's Skin help!

Let's see what kind of list we can generate and get some ideas rolling. Are ya in? Hope so?

Once you get a few things down send me a quick message with some of your biggies! I'm excited to do this with you!

Summers not over and we have lots of time throughtout the season and beyond to get some adventures in. Let's do this!

Stay cool!