What are some of the messages you are receiving about Summer?

bike on beach.jpg

Summer messages, they are there and they are clear! Summer is more relaxed, less scheduling, longer days to enjoy the outdoors. All the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables! Heat alone slows most down, we crave cool drinks, cooler showers and of course dips in the cool water. AHHH but us Americans we can sure foul things up when we see that we have more daylight. We add more tasks, more things To DO! Let's reclaim what the Rhythm of the Season warrants. Just like the Circadian rhythms of our body, the season sends us messages too. You know the Ocean and its rhythm and what that can do for one's Spirit!

            So let's say yes to the Season of Summer and pay attention to what is speaking to YOUR soul. I noticed the other morning that in order to go on a bike ride (other than in my neighborhood) that I was relying on my spouse and his truck (which is quite large and does not allow me to get my bike in and out on my own) I wanted to go but the ability was not spontaneous it was a HAVE TO PLAN! This made me mad! I'm a 54-year-old woman who wanted to just go, and had neglected to put into place the ability to do it on my OWN! That SUCKS! I'm getting a bike rack for my little car! What have you been putting off cause it requires some assistance? What are you not doing cause it requires a bit of planning? You know you took care of the planning for the family! How about YOU?  Summer is here! It will be gone in a blink of an eye, let's do this Summer thing right and embrace all the season has to offer. Take advantage of the longer days and spend time outside! Do more of those water activities cause you could care less about how your gonna look! More importantly how it's gonna feel? 

        What are your messages about your Summer saying to you? Is it your turn to go to your own kind of camp? How about a girls' retreat? Are you able to just get your beach blanket sunscreen, a juicy read, some snacks, and just take off for the day to the lake or beach? NO KIDS ALLOWED! How about that class you've been looking at for months, years? Enroll in it. 

                                              Let's have an Amazing summer to talk about!