A Woman for All Seasons


I'm struggling. It's typical this time of year. I'm hot, the days are longer and the kids are up later. The house is noisier so I'm not getting great sleep and I'm staying up later to enjoy the longer days. My body is screaming fatigue. It's just a Summer thing, I love the longer days! I love that I get more time with the kids, I even love that sleeping in is a possibility even for me with my work schedule. I love the Seasons. I love the shift in my body with each season. My skincare ritual changes with each Season. Sometimes it takes my soul a little bit longer to get into the groove with each passing Season. I love it, even more, when I think of the gift it is to be a woman who has her time and her seasons, time for growth, for change. One is never ready for the changes that age brings to one's skin! Reflection, wisdom and for a new way of living and caring for oneself all because it's a new season. Ahh, Summer, the heat, the sun exposure, the different foods, the freshness of veggies, and white crisp wine on the patio; just eating outdoors is a gift. The Farmers Market, although it is year-round, it's just so succulent and fabulous in the Summer.

As I reflect on this season, I always begin with a struggle. I also realize that I fight the start of each new season? These times come so fast as my life passes I long and look forward to each and every season's arrival. Yet Summer I seem to fight. My body tells me to slow down & relax yet my personality tells me "oh longer days - get more done!" I want to stay up late and be a part of the celebration of no bedtime with the family yet my body fights it, and so my skin shows signs of fatigue cause my body still wants to be on some kind of schedule. I do love that the school bell will not be ringing so that a little bit of extra sleep is relished. There is nothing like waking to a quiet house and enjoying coffee on the porch. Its a bit of a ritual knowing the house will remain still for hours, and I mean hours!

So I'm in it now full-on preparing for the annual trip to the beach, loving all the ways to eat watermelon and the planning of another full, fast and fabulous Summer. Soon I'll be complaining that it went to fast and that we didn't do all the things I wanted to fit in. My youngest doesn't even want to vacation this year, that has taken me back. It's just too soon I tell myself yet I do understand adolescence and the need to start pulling away. I'll be damned it's just too soon. This too is another season that has crept in. In the end, I know with each season my rituals will be revisited and revamped, that I will relish this continuing process of this amazing circle of my life. For, after all, we are all Women for all Seasons.

Come celebrate whatever Season of your life you are currently celebrating with us here at Jenell's Skin. We offer Seasonal reboots with each and every aspect of a Woman's life . We Celebrate YOU!

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