The Power of New Workout Clothes!


     Ok for way too long I've not been the workout queen that I so desire to be. In fact, I've spent the last 18 years not being consistent at all and of course, I've got a billion excuses along with the simple fact that I just was not doing it. Now, this is NOT a self-help inspirational blog about all the reasons we need to be fit or to care for oneself. WE KNOW what we know. This is, however, a gentle reminder that it really is the little things, the little pleasures that move that needle ever so much to have the impact we all desire in our lives. 

        You see this month at Jenell's skin our focus is Pleasure! Now here's the truth I found this interesting thing that came up over and over again. WE OVER THINK PLEASURE! When asked? We repeatedly stopped and had to REALLY THINK ABOUT what a simple pleasure was. Its like we needed to come up with something big and monumental, we clearly are robbing ourselves of those little things! I found this common thread with my Clientele when probed they saw the simplicity in the question yet, they still struggled to come up with a Pleasure!

       No worries, I'll be listing everyone's answers in the May Newsletter (No Names) Just Simple Pleasures. I found that there were some that were great reminders. A recent Simple pleasure I had was investing in new Workout Clothes. I realize this may seem insignificant yet a little magic happened when I woke this morning and put them on. I felt stronger, taller, fitter thinner, of course, none of that really was the case, yet I was ready to get my move on! The first thing I noticed is that they felt good, they fit well not too tight, not pulling anywhere and they were comfortable. You see what I had been wearing were not fitting well and they didn't feel flattering I didn't feel good in them. AHH!!! the magic moment, something so simple as a good fitted pair of leggings (Was there such a thing) again Simple 

           You see the magic is everywhere, Its in all the little things, in the mini moments and well its available to us at any time. Just don't overthink what it means to indulge in a simple pleasure daily! I found mine in a well fitted  pair of workout clothes imagine that!