The power of lipstick!


So Valentines is over, does that mean you put the pretty lingerie away along with the red lipstick? Dare to say NO! There is so much power behind a favorite or should I say a signature lipstick, more specifically, YOUR signature lip color. I believe we all need to have a good go at finding that perfect go-to color for day and a fabulous red for those other more daring days. I challenged myself on my day off a few weeks back to wear my daring red all day! Guess what happened? I got noticed! Wow! That was not my intention! But who could argue that getting noticed feels rather good? I also have been intentionally wearing my GO TO Red for months now and I love the effects, my skin shows up more clearly. I feel more powerful, purposeful it just feels GOOD! 

                I recently heard a beautiful story of a women dying of cancer and everyday she spent in the hospital until she passed, she put on her signature lip color. Even her son chastised her about the task, and she said she was not dead yet! Now that is style! Not to mention what a way to end ones life, looking and feeling as fabulous as we possibly can. Don't save ANYTHING for special occasions! Remind yourself daily that YOU are a Special occasion every single day! 

       Now go ahead and wear the red lipstick and the pretty lingerie, Just for you, Now! Not Someday!