The MYTH behind Peels


Do you remember Samantha from sex and the city the episode where she meets the Girls at the bar and she is wearing the scarf and the large sunglasses hiding because she had had a Chemical peel? UGH! she looked horrible, it looked painful and she even said she cried, was miserable, and feeling uncomfortable. WELL! That is no longer the case my Friends. 

    This month at Jenell's skin we are PEELING back the Myth around REAL peels. The truth is the more often they are done the more the skin benefits. NO DOWN TIME_ NO PAIN_ NO LOOKING LIKE A DRAGON WHILE HEALING . In Fact, NO HEALING if done correctly and with the right peel for YOU. They are a great start to not only getting rid of all of winter's buildup yet great for brightening and bringing the skin back to life. (EVEN IF IT IS NOT DEAD)

     Here's the deal! Peels now are way more specific and way more effective when done on a regular basis. Gone are the days of peeling to hurt or to cause harm to the surface layers of the skin, TRUTH- peels need and should be done regularly.  By a professional and here is the truth as an Esthetician who has been preforming peels for over two decade and been through all the changes and advances that science has to offer, you should not have to have sheets of skin peeling off after a peel.  Quite frankly for those still stuck in the 80's mentality of no pain no gain that is so over played in all aspect of health. 

   NOTE- If you have a skin condition or are in the Sensitive category you still should have some form of exfoliation to allow for active healing ingredient to get in to the skin. Lots of skin sensitivity is due to build up and using products that suppress and seal in a very damaged dry irritated skin. That is not beneficial to a sensitive type (Please note every person is different and to fully assess we need to take it case by case. 

    We have an incredible offer to not just get your skin health in tip top shape for always and the coming season but to get some great skincare under your belt for FREE yes FREE home-care over $500 value. This is to insure you are properly prepped and primed for a great form of gentle effective peeling . Here's to your Skin Health!