The LIST of things that no longer matter!

farmers market.jpg

Ahh, Summer, we are close to the end, How are you gonna finish? I've decided I'm finishing strong, I'm making more plans to get to the beach at least one more time. I'm reading the Ultimate Summer reads ( all things Elin Hilderbrand) She knows how to get ya fully absorbed in the season of SUmmer! I'm hitting the Farmers Market on Sundays cause the fruits and veggies are abundant. I'm checking off my Summer of ME ideas and I want to indulge in memories of what summer has meant to me since childhood.  It is becoming apparent that as I do this getting older thing, that my Soul speaks more clearly of the need to slow down and Stop the LIST of all the things that no longer matter?  I've spoken on several blogs that I'm a lover of the list! These lists are taking on very different feel! I'm loving their direction.  You see what matter is different for all of us, yet the main truth is that we sometimes get caught up in all the wrong things before we realize we are in it!

           What are some things that you could put on your no longer matter list? or better yet what really matters is a great list and an amazing thing to reference daily.  I think that if we get clear on this it can change how we approach anything and everything! I for one know that as a business Owner I can delegate more, delete some and just plain ole Delight in other stuff. I'm choosing to let some things go that I know I can't control, (Like when I'm gonna move into my new Salon) I'm gonna enjoy all the Summer stuff that brings me joy! Reading outside, beach time, morning coffee out back, water, outdoor concert, music circus, time with my kids and Grandsons.  You see it doesn't really matter what I choose as long as it aligns with what I want to create for myself. Let's finish Summer of YOU strong, look at the List that you mentally told yourself I want to do this and see what one you can still fit in, Do it, enroll help in it and create memories for yourself that matter.