The Cutest Sunglasses

Years ago I purchased the cutest sunglasses, My Husband and I were at the local mall and I spotted these darling pink Kate Spade sunglasses did I tell ya they were not only pink but had a slight cat-eye shape? I love Kate Spade anything! I tried them on and asked my Hubby what he thought? I even asked him " DO you think there a lil TOO MUCH?" He looked at me funny said they looked great and as always he encouraged me to treat myself! OK fast forward to today, I've rarely worn these adorable Sunglasses! It seemed like every time I went to put them on I felt Ummm uncomfortable, awkward like Oh there too much, they draw attention, people look at me funny ( crazy making thoughts). SO because I LOVED THEM SO MUCH I just found myself moving them from the glove box to purse to my next car to my closet and back in the car I'm mean WTF! I refused to get rid of them and for those who know me, I'm all about Marie Kondoing stuff that I don't use love or need. Not these I loved them! So why in the hell was I not wearing these glasses?

Well, first I stopped over thinking the why and I got over myself real quick, I'm wearing the glasses and loving them all over again. I was at a Baseball game in Oregon recently and a young girl walked by and said very loudly I LOVE THOSE GLASSES! I smiled and thanked her. Are they TOO MUCH? YES!!! and I love it! What else in my life that I LOVE am I not doing, wearing, or eating because of some weird belief rule or crazy thought?

What about YOU? when was the last time you questioned some crazy thought or belief that you weren't even aware of? It's kinda interesting when we actually stop and actively choose to question or look at what thoughts were thinking? A mentor of mine Brooke Castillo has an exercise where you set a timer for a day, half a day, for every hour when the timer goes off stop what you're doing and pay attention to what it is your thinking? It's funny how we are mostly completely unaware that we are thinking negative thoughts, It starts out little, it's subtle, it creeps in, we don't really see it coming then BAM we get a look at it and WOW! Just a thought? Try it! See where you're at? AWARENESS is sexy! Yet, let's shoot for ACCEPTANCE and be gentle in the process.