That Secret Ingredient that No One Talks About!

Acids are the “secret ingredient” that may scare you and yet, when used consistently & correctly, produce some of the most amazing results!

They are some of the most effective ingredients in Skin Care today! Acids can change your skin and take it to the next “best” level.

Long ago, acids were used to only treat scarring! Now, milder forms are gaining in popularity to hone in on specific skin problems. They are formulated to treat EVERY skin type and concern! Why so popular? Because they really work!

Gone are the days of “let’s torture you” with a very painful aggressive peel that has you hiding out for days! These new (well, not so new) lighter peels can be done more regularly with no (yes, that’s right), no down time. We have acids to exfoliate, hydrate, brighten and to protect skin from environmental damage. With that being said, Jenell’s Skin wants to introduce you to the “Peel of the Month” Club!

Remember, just because it’s an acid, doesn’t mean you automatically get red and peel. When combined in a product, it can penetrate at different levels; for example, deeper for a more rejuvenating effect. Acids go way back to Cleopatra days; she bathed in milk (lactic acid; a very common used brightener) to get the skin women coveted.

For almost 25 years, I’ve consistently applied acids, both at home and in the treatment room and at almost 52, I’m extremely happy with not just my skin, but its overall appearance! Peel of the Month is my way of giving you the monthly accessibility to make regular peelings affordable, so you too can be consistent!  Don’t be scared! Every month a different peel will be featured to target your specific needs/concerns and enhance your regular facial.

Remember, these have gained in popularity yet I’ve been offering/performing/ giving regular peels for over two decades. In short, I know what I’m doing!

Celebrate your skin every time you look in the mirror and let me help you AGE GRACEFULLY!