Seasonal Reboot

          I love the Seasons whether its Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring. Each hold a festive favorite. I owe that to my mother!
         She always found a way to bring in each season with a simple festive flare. You may have remembered in past blogs me mentioning her claim to fame with fabric. Like a can of paint to most, my mother could take a quarter of a yard of seasonal fabric and Bam! it just felt like a celebration.
          As with each seasonal change comes seasonal Rituals; Ahhh (me loves a ritual!) Those too became "Festive Fav!" Close your eyes, take a deep breath, reflect for just a moment back to a memory. Maybe in your childhood you think of a smell at a certain time of year? Or a family tradition that carried over? What are your favorites?  Ex: Spring brings a feeling or urge to purge, to "Spring Clean."
           Summer is a bit more laid back with longer days and time outdoors. Being outdoors is my version of meditation since I don't practice that on a regular basis. Autumn brings "back to school," cooler days and another version of "New Year" for me.  Autumn is my goal setting/ revamp/gear-up time. Winter means football, winter naps, and of course the beloved Christmas!
           All of these shaped and deepened my love of the seasons! I'm sitting in a Hotel room as I write this, in my jammies, its almost two o'clock.
I am so grateful for some quiet time before I head to a Trade Show. I'm more grateful for the room for two days (by myself)  than the actual purpose of being here, work! It makes me think of the many seasons we women go through in our lives resulting in the Wisdom of Age! More importantly, new seasons add to my own personal growth. This is a new season for me.
            This is my season to create those quiet moments, learn how to be still, enjoy more moments with myself, get myself back on the list and not keep marking myself off as "to do later." Why does that one keep coming back season after season? Time to revisit my purpose and my passions and play. Oh the seasons! I truly love them!
             So be on the look out for a new kinda club at Jenell's Skin! I'm calling it "Adventure Club" and it's all about restoration! No matter what season you're in, you deserve to play, restore, explore, and, most importantly, to place yourself on your personal "DO NOW" list!  Step out of the " get to me later" pattern and take care of YOU!  CELEBRATE! YOU! NOW!
               My wish this Season is for you to do just that, reconnect with SELF! Immerse yourself in the Season and take it all in. Cherish the little moments, and take care of YOU! Happy Holidays!
                          From my heart to yours!