If you dressed like this, it's time for a night serum.

If you dressed like this, it's time for a night serum.

So we need to use serums. Great.

          But what are they? How do we use them? Are they really necessary and do they really do what they say they do? Why are they so expensive? Do I really need them?

          Serums are beautiful science!

          Serums are what I consider my little bottles of magic! They are a powerhouse to the skincare world.  Serums are designed to correct skin conditions.  In short, they are purposeful, effective ingredients. To date, serums are potent, targeted, and so much more advanced than ever. They address a wide range of skin concerns.  Some examples are dehydrated skin, excessive oil and large pores, crows feet and crepy skin, especially in the delicate tissue around the eyes. Remember that as we age, we use the muscles around the eyes in different ways, so it creates a type of strain that adds to the eye being utilized differently. Thus we get a deeper type of crows feet. Serums also address the dark spots that appear on the skin surface as we age known as hyperpigmentation.

         So yes, you will spend more ounce per ounce on a serum because their job is to deposit a higher concentration of specific target active ingredients.

       Proper Usage is Vital!  If used incorrectly and not positioned correctly in your homecare, they become less effective, if not, pointless. So don't just go buy one and not have good direction on there use; meaning that it goes on early in the layering process and if you place it on top of a cream it most likely will not even hit the surface of the skin!  Serums should never be greasy or heavy,  and if so, readdress the usage and application. Delivery is key! Serums have a smaller molecule so that the actives ( active ingredients) are allowed to penetrate skin deeper and more rapidly than creams; working their magic.

         At Jenell's Skin, we incorporate serums in all our treatments. In addition, we can use modalities such as Microcurrent, Ultrasound and Massage to push and penetrate these actives  even further into the skin. We recommend specific home-care to further enhance serum penetration.  Furthermore, certain actives can push other actives into the skin, creating another form of delivery. We strive to keep raising the bar with technology and science as our constant guide to set our salon apart from the rest. Always keep in mind that the salon is a place to restore the soul and to use science to assist your skin in being reborn beautifully!  http://www.jenellgarcia.com/


My Daughter Got Married!

I planned a wedding! For some unknown reason, the Gods totally blessed me through the process. Meaning that I’ve been blessed not only with an amazing young lady who was completely aware of cost and was gracious enough to be conscience of this, but the fact that we completely connected on pretty much every level throughout the process!

But despite my luck, I learned a few things during this "planning a wedding" thing. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s just this time in my life, but as I’ve treasured this extra time with my daughter, something strange came to my attention. Now I know how beautiful my daughter is… I know that at 27 years old, most young women are going to take center stage up against mom, or for that matter, any 52 year old woman. Yet as I was out and about enjoying the planning, I noticed how invisible I became in my daughter’s presence. Am I fading? I look in the mirror and my lips are not pink anymore. They are more the color of my skin (thank goodness for lipstick). My eyes are a tad more sunken in, my lids are slowly hitting my eyeliner (thank goodness for my micro-current), my skin tone (despite some broken capillary's) looks pretty darn good (thank goodness for the ultrasound)! Maybe not as good as my daughter’s olive toned skin, which she inherited from her father, but thank goodness for my business! It really is working!

Yes, to some extent, I’m fading. But it’s enough to just cherish my daughter’s youth, be grateful that I’m not 27 again, and embrace this special time as I enter this wondrous half of my life. Is it going to be wondrous? That is entirely up to me! I can choose to continue to fade or I can make choices to feel vibrant, alive, and beautiful at any age. Louise Hays just was getting started at 50, and at 70 she added even more to her hobbies and desires. She is one of my heroes.  

If you feel like you might be fading, come chat with me. We can talk about that. I’ve got a plan to take my skincare up a notch to insure I feel and look my best. Jenell’s Skin is committed to making women at any stage in their life feel valued, beautiful, and to step into aging gracefully! It’s all about sharing and connecting along the journey. Hope to see you all in the treatment room!  http://www.jenellgarcia.com/blog/