Eye Brows

I’m looking at Your Eyebrows!

So, after over two decades of doing Eyebrow Waxing, I’m doing them differently.

Here is the thing after all these years… I just got comfortable. Too comfortable!  It became automatic.  It was a smaller part of my profession, so I didn’t really focus on improving it.  Now, to be fair, this has not been an area in the biz of Skin that offers what we would call advanced training.  It has quite recently become a big trend, along with lash extension.

I saw a photo on Instagram of a skin therapist wearing a t-shirt with verbiage on “brows” and I immediately got intrigued and looked up this group of girls on the east coast who had an online training on everything brows!  I was so excited! Not only was it a chance to get updated on all things brows, but to just improve on my craft (one that had been sorely neglected).  You see, I did the classic mistake.  I just kept improving my skills in the area that was my bread and butter; Facials.  I just sort of took the waxing part of my business for granted.  Well no more!  Not only did I invest in the course, but I invested in better tools… more tools! And brows are really fun!  

Now, every client that comes into the salon... I’m secretly sizing up your brows! I’m not only looking with a whole new set of eyes, but with resources and new techniques as well. 

Well, the long and short of it is that I’m better at brows then I’ve ever been and I’m excited to share this with my clients.  So you’ve been warned … I’m looking at your brows.

Jenell            http://www.jenellgarcia.com/