Oprah got us on the list!


  " If you do not take control over your time and your life, other people will gobble it up. if you don't prioritize yourself, you constantly start falling lower and lower on your list." -   Michelle Obama

         So I'm noticing a theme in my biz, it's pretty prevalent with my client base.  You see several Women shared stories of stepping to the left, one did so on Mothers Day the other to keep peace with a boyfriend over an ill behaved daughter and another had a gym owner not acknowledge her ability to listen to HER body when he asked her to do something that would  hurt her knees. Yes Oprah taught us to get on the " LIST" back in the 80's Ladies ( few decades ago ) WHY ARE WE STILL NOT ON TOP OF THAT BLOOMIN LIST? You see we still make the list, we still love checking all the things off that list (oh it feels soooo good!) Yet oh yeah we're on that list somewhere! It's just OOPS! I forgot ME! I call BULLSHIT! Sorry for the language yet seriously I'm just not getting this? Why are we still just on the list?

             Well, let's see We need to take care of the kids , we need to get food on the table laundry house errands homework oh and are regular job to boot. We are holding up the World but we still struggle with this WORTHY issue of being on top of the list of being our own priority, we nurture others and there is no energy to nurture ourselves. What will it take? And oh by the way if you think I have this "top of the list" thing down think again. I'm right next to you girl on the bottom half of the list NO 6 of 12 to do's, some days I don't even make it on the list, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? I'm not alone. 

               Here's the thing! Jenell's Skin is your place to take deep deserving breaths, to be reminded of your worth! To give you a place to rest, let go, and to nurture your spirit.  Jenell's Skin is there when you step left and forget to step forward for yourself  (I know you're there to get a facial) good for you, yet it's not enough! It is one way of honoring yourself and to care for YOU! And I thank you! You ladies and a few  of my Gents! You inspire me to be better, you remind me of the connection of our souls that need to stand in support of each other. My commitment to you is to get ya to the top of that list.