S.S.S. Slough off Summer's Sins


         Looking for something a little more unique? Look no further than this patent holding Enzyme. ok so there are a ton of enzymes out there, and if you're another professional Skin Therapist I know what your thinking, why is this so special? Well, what I love the most is the uniqueness of the treatment and the technology behind such a long-standing treatment. It not only eats (which is what enzymes do) it DIGESTS! (which I know of no other enzyme that does that) leaving the skin tone hydrated brighter refreshed and no dead skin left behind to flake off at a later time.   Overall radiant!

           There are two rounds to this treatment anywhere from 2 to 10 min under steam with the eater part first then once that is removed there is an additional 2-10 min under steam with the digester? (Is that a word?) There is a slight what I call STINGLE that's a made-up word for stings and tingles. Some feel a sting other not so much. Client sensation varies.

       Another favorite factor is that it is not just great for acne and aging, most can experience this treatment. I love that it is a Summer favorite to erase greyish winter complexion due to confined quarters, all the heat we experience in the winter months that dehydrated the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) the skin as a whole gets seasonally beat up. Summer and all the sunny days accentuate further the lack of life in the skin. Dermolyse treats both these seasonal challenges. 

        When skin really needs that extra boost? Done three times within a short period of time 2-3 days we can achieve tighter pores, brighter more radiant refined skin, we can appease pimples and cysts. It also regulates oil. Aids in extractions (meaning not as painful to you and easier on your therapist ME!) And favors oxygenation. just breathing life and vitality back into your skin. I love Dermolyse!