Sometimes I just spoil all the fun...


So I got an email the other day from my client asking me about a product being sold at Macys? She had a gift card burning a hole in her pocket and wanted to know my thoughts on the product. My first thought was CRAP! How am I gonna honestly answer this question without sounding like a Debbie Downer! I mean really a gift card is like this open invitations to go have some fun. In truth, I did not want to see her spend money (even if it was a gift card) on a PRODUCT from a dept store. What I did want for her was to get excited about something new and to enjoy her purchase/gift.

           You see Skincare products have come along way and yes some lines are now quite sophisticated meaning they are spending billions of dollars on science-based ingredients to put into their lines. So, in the end, you are not necessarily getting a total bogus product. You may be getting better ingredients but at what cost? At what percentage? Now here's where the nerdy girl in me comes in, and keep in mind it's not to spoil the fun! You are paying a price for that beautiful packaging. Yes just like a fine designer piece of clothing and a fancy hotel you will pay for an experience, and packaging is ONE! Believe it or not, we've all been there we've bought something cause it was soo soo pretty or cute or oh look I love this bottle yada yada yada. Now let's take about an ACTIVE ingredient, it's in there yet at what capacity is it being utilized (only a formulator or chemist would know) As an Esthetician I'm  privy to this. (IF I ASK?)

    In the end, I want you to love what your purchasing, as Susy Orman so advises Love what you are spending your money on!  As Marie Kondo says only keep what you love. See the theme. I want you to have the highest of standards at the most affordable price. So have fun with your money, invest in wonderful quality fun things, just know that I'm gonna be honest and at the end of the day, we are here to experience joy and pleasure and that is in the eye and wallet of the beholder. I'm really just here to help!