Sold a bill of goods


So I went into a furniture store over the weekend and a lovely Saleslady and I started to chat. As usual, we spoke of Jenell's Skin and all that we do. I will tell you she was very open about a recent investment and came away with no results. She asks me about a few things that were on her radar like the Hydro Facial (which I proceeded to share my thoughts) and we just continue with a great discussion on how and what to spend in the world of Skincare. I left feeling excited about the opportunity to earn her Business yet more importantly I wanted to save her time and money on the things that really move that needle when it comes to results.

            Let's just take one trend that is out there and break it down. I'll go with the Hyrafacial First of all it is a very expensive piece of equipment for a Licenced Esthetician It is very popular with the Plastic surgery centers as well. So in order to recoup and profit they have to charge accordingly.  What does a hydra facial actually do? The market material and the sales rep will tell you that it is a Microdermabrasion that uses water and not only infuses the skin with serums yet it will do a double form of exfoliations one with a chemical and one with the actual physical part of the machine. meaning they use a type of handpiece that has a tip that is either a diamond tip or stainless steel to roughly remove dead skin from the surface all while doing the serum infusion. Ok, now you can do all of the above without a machine. It's that simple yet due to the fancy marketing and say Celebrity endorsements the machine sells and it attracts a certain business and clientele.  

             At what cost? Only for the consumer. I too can give you the same results at a fraction of the cost so you can do it repeatedly over time for maximum results  I want you to try something new at a reduced cost so you feel good about the cost in case your not that thrilled or better yet skeptical? Then it's not such a hit to the budget. What I do encourage is buying a series of everything to get the maximum benefit and the best possible price. You need to know what you are paying for and what it does. 

       In the end, the lovely sales lady paid $3000 for a CO2 laser and saw NO results one time stop for a lot of money. That is NOT OK!

           Please feel free to check in with me for all things Skin? I will navigate ya in the direction that will give you the best return on your investment. You deserve to love your skin and come away feeling fabulous!