So I Think I'm Loving Menopause

        As I'm entering this phase of my life and tackling the symptoms of menopause, I realize that there are way too many negative conversations that I'm having with my clients and friends. As I work on embracing these not-so-positive changes, (hot flashes, disrupted sleep patterns, irregular periods -  if at all, mood swings, irritability, low tolerance for others, having to work harder to maintain or reduce weight). OK, so the list does appear to be bad, there has been one area of my life that I'm embracing and even liking! It's my voice! It's a voice that has been hiding out for far too long. My hubby is the one who is struggling the most, yet it's time... and I'm liking it A LOT!

        You see, it comes down to this, and please correct me if I'm wrong: Women in general stay quiet way too long to keep the peace or to protect the children. In general, as history has it, we still hang onto the "be pretty and polite, don't rock the boat."  Sometimes, putting up a fight is exhausting and futile! We are so good at creating calm and defusing tension.

        I'm loving this time in my life. I'm loving my voice and I'm not putting up with anything that does not create joy and connection in my life. I'm not willing to listen to excuses! Even my own are starting to sound pathetic! Yes, I've got plenty of excuses, but don't we all? I'm not forgetting to be gentle during this time; sleeping a little bit later to make up for a rough night, paying attention to my wants a tad more. After all, this can be a difficult time so it's good to treat oneself just a little bit more. History has given us plenty of insight into this next phase of our womanhood. It's clear to me that I not only get to have a better voice, I'm coming into a time of my life where ease, elegance and grace are the focus. Perfect timing, I think.

       I believe that history has also shown us where, as women, we feel more empowered during this change in our season.  To be more of the woman we knew we wanted to be, yet might not have known quite what that was supposed to look like. Now it is becoming more clear. I love this time in my life. One of the things I'm changing is to SLIM down. Not the go on a diet kind of slim, but trimming all the things in my life that no longer serve me. I'm slimming down the chaos and the to-do and the to-be.

        What might ridding ourselves of all the excess look like? Last year I started with the actual physical things, started clearing the clutter in each and every room. This year I'm looking inward to rid myself of all the OLD tapes of the "To-Do." list. That list looks very different this year. As with a previous blog, I talked of the list of WANTS and EXPERIENCES.  Now don't get me wrong, I am well aware of how hard old habits are to break, that is why I'm starting with lists, lots of them. It's my way of focusing on good stuff like how I want to feel. So in continuing with history and the gift of age, watching my own mother as she aged, I want to pay more attention to the things that matter; that also mattered to her. Her children, her religion, reading, and even those silly old television shows. Staying in her jammies just a little bit longer in the mornings, eating only when and what she enjoyed.  All the things that brought her joy.