Seasonal Reboot! Why we need to change things up.


So with each season comes changes, yes the obvious changes in temperature, we are getting into some cooler evenings and I'm noticing that the morning are cooler not yet crisp but it's subtle. Along with Seasonal changes come changes to our body are internal time clock, how our body responds to certain things food, products, even exercise and of course our skin.  As things are changing we too need to make adjustments as to how we are treating the skin and also what we are doing to the skin at the Salon with each visit. In the past I just switched up some of the product used during the treatment and as always would ask about your home care and how your skin was doing?

                   I realize to some, that is a loaded question? Oh, she's asking me so she can sell me a new product? Oh, maybe she's asking cause she wants me to do something different and I really just want a Facial? All valid thoughts yes! I ask cause changes need to happen if I'm doing my job (and yes some of you do the same thing every single time you see me) that's ok it's just there is so much more! More meaning we can move the needle a bit if we switch it up a bit. Stimulate a new response, this is vital to seeing positive changes in the skin as we deal with changes, aging, and lifestyle. So try something new. See what happens, it's like taking a different route to the same location, it generates a different feel. It's good for you and for your skin.