Scheduling? Yes on the Calendar to Self-Care!!!


So we talk A LOT about self-care these days, and it looks and feels very different for us all. We as a culture very easily think facials, pedicures, and massages when first asked. Yet it way more than that. Caring for oneself takes some planning before we do this we need to know what it is we truly crave and how those cravings feel for us? What kind of fuel they provide and how often we need these things in our daily, weekly, monthly lives? It has to be SCHEDULED!

Seriously when we look at what is TRULY important to us, we fit it in. For years I walked around following what it was that I thought I was SUPPOSE to do. Take care of the kids, have a clean house, pay the bills and once all was in order then I could squeeze in ME! Science has continued to show us that it doesn't work that way. We continue to allow things in that don't serve us. I gave up a night of fun to ensure my teen was taken to the gym! I KNOW BETTER! Yet it was like I was on autopilot this is the stuff that makes us CRAZY! In the book "THE BIG LEAP" (a must-read) he talks of time" I don't have time to do that right now" you're telling a polite lie to avoid saying," I don't want to do that right now." By placing the blame on time, we avoid confronting the blunt truth of the matter.

My wish is for all women to take exceptional care of themselves, this is what is going to put the best version of yourself out into the World so we can continue to do amazing things. for some its gonna take a bit of investigating. As one of my mentors says self-care isn't just about what we eat and getting enough sleep it's creating the space to do what brings you joy! Have a list handy, look at the area in your life an answer how it is that you care for yourself when say 1. your bored, 2.sad 3. anxious 4. scared 5. stressed 6. negative self-talk, low energy, illness, trouble sleeping, weight gain, you get the picture.

Schedule in all that MATTER to you and stay with it. You already know your worth it so start living it! Have a deluxe pampering kit. What would that include? Here is a sample of how I revisited my self-care rituals. Sept is a great time to take a look.


clean food, green smoothly to work

afternoon tea-calm and rest my mind


beautiful skincare ritual am and pm


Sunday week prep


Farmers Market

Movement Min baseline 4x

Skin in-home treatment mask, microcurrent, facial massage with tool


review finances

Girl time


review Dental/ Dr appt.

Do this, list and track what Matters -

This month is all about getting out of DO MORE BE MORE. to Awareness and acceptance Aware of what it is YOU need and Accept that just you existing makes you enough and worthy. take exquisite care of yourself! And if you need some help book an appt and ill give you some great reminders and an

AH-MAZING treatment.