Routine or Ritual?

Recently I started paying a lil more attention to words: I got introduced to a goal setting system that requires a lil bit of dictionary work. It was a new way of looking at meanings and the FEELING behind words!

So as I dug into this system, the focus was getting past the typical ” TO DO! ” list and more into looking at what we wanted to create based on FEELINGS.  How do we want to FEEL as we take on any type of task, or really anything we do? This was a concept I had not really explored before.

Keep in mind that most of us, or I’ll just speak for myself, tend to tackle life as a “Has to be done” kinda gal! Not really the best way to look at life. Some of my belief systems in the past were the "Buck up and get ‘er done".  If nobody’s gonna get stuff done, then I’m gonna barrel through no matter what sacrifices need to be made; STUFF just has to get done -  PERIOD!  UGH!!

So as I looked at this new concept there was this refreshing take on allowing myself to explore how I wanted to FEEL!  In life there are some of us that felt we just needed to shut down those feelings, or risk not getting the result we thought we wanted.
As I’m writing this, I FEEL a swell of emotion come up over me. How did this happen?  This going through the motions on a daily bases?  CRAP! This is NOT what I wanted. Really! I want joy, laughter and all the things in my heart that I know are there for me and what we are meant to have.

  For this blog then, I wanted to start with the word Routine, which made me feel bored, repetitive, lack luster and monotonous.

Now, on the other hand, the word Ritual felt sacred, special. It felt like a gift to self. Routine felt rushed, have too.
Ritual;  just saying the word slowed me down, made me feel connected, more present. So it comes down to choosing?

So here’s the thing…Most of us take the things that we value most ( like say creativity or vacations), for granted. These things automatically become a Ritual.  A example of this is every Summer we take a week to go camping; it's high value time spent with the Family and we never waiver. Now other things that we say are important or maybe even believe we value somehow are harder to fit in.

Based on our priorities, there are some things viewed more as Routines.
We know their importance, we know we need to fit them in, BUT they somehow get placed aside. We want them to be a regular routine/ritual.  We know we need them to be regular things like being healthy, being more productive, Yadda Yadda Yadda!

Well, the reality is that stuff and life gets in the way! An example: I’m a skin gal. It's my livelihood. It's a no brainer that I do my Skincare Ritual without fail AM/PM.  It’s like clockwork. It always gets done! I know the value -  it produces results - PERIOD! The truth is that anything done repeatedly produces results. Its a conversation I have with my 13 year old daily. Now there is such a thing as repetition and wasted effort.  That is what is known as “killing motivation”; example of this is spending a ton of money at the department store on fancy products and not getting the expected results.

So by now you know I’m going for the word Ritual!  Right now Korean Skin Care is hitting the U.S. Market in full force. In researching the Culture I was so impressed with their approach to Skin Care.

For Example:

  • Korean Women view Skin Care as a Ritual, a sacred one and is taught at a young age.
  • Korean women treat the skin with reverence.
  • They treat skin care as an Anti aging tool to prevent the damage vs American Women treat once the damage is done and the repair is needed, when a Wrinkle appears or age becomes visible.
  • Beauty products are coveted by Korean women.
  • Beauty rituals are a daily part of life in Korea, it is their passion.
  •  One last fact: Korean Skin Care (Men & Women) consists of at least 10 products/steps. NO, I don’t believe you need 10 steps /products for beautiful skin.

My Promise:

I will not sell you ten products! I will save you time and money on making ridiculous purchases.  Long term I’ll save you from over doing the whole filler and laser thing, which comes with their own concerns -  not just in cost! You WILL AGE most gracefully, so when and if you choose to go under the knife you will heal faster, get better results, and have results last longer for optimal results!  Routine or Ritual? You choose!

What can we learn from Skin Care?  You are Sacred perhaps, and You are worth it!  Let the little things we do everyday ( Solid, informed Skin Care for example), make a difference.

There is a Japanese word “Te Ate” which literally means to apply HANDS!
Back before modern medicine, people believed that by placing ones hands on an injury, it promoted healing.  I believe with every ounce in my body that this holds true today!

  Come see me soon! Let my hands heal your skin and your spirit! It really does FEEL wonderful!

From my heart to yours!

~ Jenell