Quality: A Degree of Excellence


Quality? It Means different things to different people.  I want to start paying attention to Quality in all areas of my life. Its starts of course with Quality Thoughts. Quality Food. Quality purchases. Quality time. Quality conversations. Quality people, QUALITY! Quality thoughts = quality life!

          I was preparing for a short trip to a Conference recently and headed to the Mall. My standard Mall excursions are usually done in a frenzy,  I tend to get side tracked and spend money on  shiny objects. This time, QUALITY was in my thoughts! So I took time to stop into Nordstrom's Café (Sacramento's best secret for lunch) and enjoy a  salad out on the patio with a cup of tea. No rushing for this Girl! Quality time! Then, with every purchase I asked myself "Is this Quality?" Is this something I really need, or just want?  Will it last a long time? Will I repeat wearing it to get full value? Is this a quick purchase to get me through my weekend, or just to feel good? ( BTW its ok to purchase something to feel good!)  IT WORKED! I spent less! I enjoyed the process, it felt good! 

                     Quality you see comes down to TASTE! As Steve Jobs said:" It comes down to exposing yourself to the best things humans have done, and then incorporating those things into what you are doing." Details always make me think of quality! at Jenell's Skin details tell the Story!  He further states that " The way we're going to ratchet up our species is to take the best and spread it around , so everyone grows up with better things, and  begins to understand the subtleties ." Subteties/Details!  My Client shared a saying " Buy once, buy right!" I liked that! You see, I want you to feel the upmost of Quality every time you step into Jenell's Skin. I want you to know that I constantly look at treatments, products and Modalities  to insure you only experience Quality! I also take the BEST of what I study and see and incorporate what I can into every thing I offer! My hope is that I always expose you to Quality! It is my passion, my art and my life!

        I hope you take the best of what we do here at Jenell's Skin and spread it around, share with those you love most, so they too can be exposed ! I believe monthly tending to our Skin, as well as Soul makes for a better World! and a Quality life!

               Remember, every time you spread the best of what we Humans offer your spreading Good Karma, and we have a new " Karma Kard " to insure we honor all referrals by giving back to you! Be sure and ask on your next visit?


From My Heart to Yours