Power of words!


    How do you speak to yourself? Years ago when I went to see a holistic practitioner she caught me in a conversation where she pointed out my words! She warned me that my words were generating negative vibrations within my Soul/ Psyche. We had an interesting conversation about this energy and what it might be creating for me that was not-positive.

       Do negative words or feelings sometimes take over? I know by showing ourselves and are bodies gratitude on a daily basis, we help with those negative spirals we can sometime get into. Language and words are so IMPORTANT! Even Oprah is in on this one !  Here are some words of wisdom she shared in her Weight Watchers group. I think they're worth taking in.

Words can tear us down or lift us up. So here's another way we get to choose! We decide how we want to feel by the words we use and the things we say to ourselves and how we talk about ourselves. We would never talk about others in the ways we talk about ourselves.   Brene Brown mentions, treat yourself like you would your BFF. Its easy to sabotage ourselves with our words.

 Start loving on yourself! As women, we give and give and give so start to turn that around; go inward. I'm reading a book on Habits and there power. Part of creating the life we desire is all about cultivating positive habits and the research take us to these habit loops; we need cues and rewards.  Here's where I remind you to come in and treat yourself to my biz! http://www.jennelgarcia.com/  It really is that simple. Just set up an automatic way of loving and caring for yourself with  rewards , however that looks to you.

Pay Attention to all the ways your speak and treat yourself.  By becoming aware of the negative thoughts its easier to stop them in there tracks. Redirect with some GO TO! I love affirmations! I have a few at the ready when I start to get into my "crap". Have a daily hip hip hooray before you even start your day! Tony Robbins has one . 

Make paying attention a conscious effort - adjust - that's what most successful people I've studied are so good at. They always have  a buffer and they redirect and adjust all the time. Yes, some things require discipline and can be rigid, but most say that being flexible and aware give way for the good stuff. I call that the sweet spot ,  

I believe that slowly over time we get better at catching and notice change.  It takes practice to creates more strength and more thoughtful decision. And yes the yucky stuff will creep in (we're not perfect) 

   Just redirect.   Have fun with your words:-)