Ok so we are not in our twenties anymore!


I realize the topic of skincare can get old for some, yet I have loved skincare since I was old enough to go to Payless Drugs with my babysitting earnings, and buy my first bottle of Pysoderm.  Remember Ponds cold cream? That was the only way we could get the Mascara off. It continued to evolve over the years and at the early age of 19 I had my very first official facial. It was at Macy's when Adrienne Arpel had developed her first line of skincare. It was over $100 to purchase those magic bottles. I clearly remember the start of a beloved ritual. It was an instant love affair with hot towels, extractions and all things in a bottle! She had become my idol and her story today inspires me.

They say that the most important time to take care of the skin is in your twenties and thirties....

Most women, however, don't act until they see the first wrinkle appear.

Women are heading to get the popular injections!  The Millennial (children of baby boomers), they love Makeup for their beauty. Contour creams, highlighting compacts, lip kits are selling like mad. I for one celebrate Skincare. I've tried following Kylie Jenner on Instagram. I've even tried to do the whole contour thing, (Fail). Skincare is the basis of all things beauty! It's like the house built on sand concept. Makeup only looks good when the skin is smooth and the pigment is even.  Note: Makeup lines are adding more and more anti-aging science-based ingredients so that's good news!

Well here's the dilemma, right now skincare seems kinda boring to some. It's not like I see skincare getting all the likes on Facebook, the pics are not as attractive as that beautiful landscape, ocean, food item, or my fav -  the desk that has the vase of peonies with the cool desk accessory and a coffee table book. No one really wants to talk about SPF and how that will prevent premature aging and those unsightly dark spots that appear on the driver's side of the face.

There is a reason facial masks on are the rise, trend-wise, they photograph well and have pretty colors like shades of pink and green. Korean skincare gets the credit for Masks. BTW (By the way) Facial Masks have come a long way. They give fast, visible results. We use them for prepping for makeup, perk up the skin before a big day at work or even an evening out. FYI - I'm introducing a terrific line of Masks (Casmara) to my clients now. Forty years of research has resulted in phenomenal results from these Masks.

When it comes to anti-aging, it does require a bit of patience and persistence. It does work, a tad slower if you got started late. Let's make skincare fun again! The research is there; we have what we call Superager's 1.They spend lil time in the sun. 2. They protect themselves when they do. 3. They never have dry skin 4. They have a positive attitude about life. These were the results of a study.  What was interesting was that stress, fast food, carbs, and sugar or drinking eight glasses of water a day didn't seem to make a difference. Go figure! So to mimic the Superager's they found that increased circulation under the skin has a greater likelihood of having a rejuvenating effect. Um, that's what Facials on a regular basis and good active ingredients do! Yeah, I can do that! Let's just say that skin care is an act of wellness! Let's just say its a simple ritual with long-term benefits and rewards that are completely painless and doable, where Botox, fillers and laser are a bit more complicated, painful, and expensive not to mention the downtime..

Don't wait till that wrinkle appears or gets deeper and it jumps out at the mirror every time. Come get a facial (and new MASK), and lets review your skincare.

I love skincare, Its in my bones and I'm constantly looking into skincare lines, ingredients and all other shiny objects. Its what I do and what I've been doing since I was 19!!!